When a machine is the component needed to reach your packaging process improvement goals, we draw from a line of proven, innovative, equipment.

When you operate a business that requires packing equipment, buying in bulk is the best way to save money. FastPak, a packing equipment wholesaler located in Decatur, Georgia, offers eight primary products for your business needs. Below is a brief description of each of them. If you feel uncertain which one would be the most appropriate for your business, feel free to contact us with any questions.

FastPak’s Primary Product Lines

Bagging machines are a must for any type of product manufacturer. We offer you the option of automatic or semi-automatic based on whether you run standard or high-speed operations. Our machines work with numerous types of bags, including anti-static, custom-printed, FDA approved, and recloseable. Other types of packing equipment that can help to make your operations more efficient include:

Conveyor and integration: A conveyor belt is a necessity in a manufacturing environment. It helps to move items quickly from one location to another as well as free up maximum space in the work environment. It also helps work duties remain integrated by moving the package from one location to the next and while keeping workers on task.

Labeling and case coding equipment: It wastes significant resources when a package receives the wrong label and ends up at the wrong destination. FastPak’s labeling and case coding equipment eliminates this problem entirely. While some customers prefer ink-jet printing for the highest possible resolution, others can get by with lower resolution in some situations. We have both options available.

Shrink wrapping and bundling machines: Our shrink machines make it possible to wrap a wide range of products using a variety of different types of films. Knowing the specific need of your application can help you lower production costs and increase efficiency at the same time. As with our bagging machines, we offer both automatic and semi-automatic options.

Strapping machines: Very large products such as steel, construction material, lumber, and printed goods often require strapping to contain them during the shipping process. You can integrate one of our machines into your existing packing equipment or start with an entirely new system. Whichever option you choose, we guarantee that you will be able to meet the demands of production while keeping expenses as low as possible.

Stretch wrapping equipment: You can incorporate our stretch wrappers with our stretch film to carefully package a wide range of products for shipment. We also offer several options with the stretch film as well, such as various additives, colors, tints, and gauge sizes. Other options include automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrappers and custom, shrink, or roll wrapping films.

Void fill and cushioning systems: Packing products quickly is essential to keep your clients and customers happy. However, it is just as important to ensure that the items arrive safely to their destination. The FastPak filling machine provides your packages with extra cushioning to protect them from the normal jostling that happens during delivery. It fills all empty areas, also called voids, in each shipping box.

Packing Equipment Done Right

Manufacturing products is only the beginning. You must also get them out the door in a safe and timely manner. FastPak is happy to assist you with selecting and implementing the best equipment for your unique business needs.