Commonly Asked Questions about Banding Tool Repair

Just fill out the Tool Repair Form and ship your bander to the address on the form. If the cost of the repair is less than 40% of the value of a new bander we will repair the tool and send it back. If the cost of the repair will exceed 40% of a new bander, we will contact you with an estimate. If you need an estimate before repair is started, please check the box on our Tool Repair Form and we will get you and estimate before repair is started.

We will need to see the tool to answer that question. Most repairs we make are simple replacements of normal wearing parts, and are less than 40% of the value of a new banding tool. More sophisticated tools sometimes need electric or pneumatic motors or control boards. We will be glad to give you an estimate before repairing these tools.

Yes, we can provide that. Just check the box on the Strapping Tool Repair Form and we will get you an estimate before repairs are made.

Most common repairs are completed in 2 days. If we have to order parts it usually adds a few days.

Our practice is to replace worn or broken parts that affect the safety and performance of the tool. Our expectation is that you want this tool properly repaired without arbitrarily replacing parts that don’t need to be replaced. Sometimes it’s a judgment call and we contact the customer for guidance.

Yes, if you need help we can provide you with manuals or parts lists to help identify the strapping tool parts you need.

Repair frequency depends on how often the bander is used, what environment it’s used in, and how carefully it is treated. With reasonable care, wearing parts, like tension wheels, grippers, and cutters, are the main items we replace.

Possibly, steel strapping tools cannot be converted to run plastic strapping and plastic strapping tools cannot be converted to run steel strapping. Sometimes strapping tools can be converted to run different widths of the same type of steel or plastic strapping.

Print off our Strapping Tool Repair Form fill it out and send the bander in for repair. Please be careful of delicate parts that can be damaged in disassembly or in shipment. If you don’t know where the part goes don’t try and cram it into place. Just protect the banding tool and parts inside the box and send them all to us.

Certainly, we have customers who keep a “Parts Bin” of broken tools with us. We use what we can of those tools to keep their parts costs down. On the Strapping Tool Repair Form give us instructions on what you want done and we will be happy to accommodate you.

As stated above, we absolutely do. Some customers have multiples of the same banding tools and we keep repair costs down by using good parts off old or worn tools. These tools are stored in a “Bin” for your company only and can be returned upon request.

Sure, we will only charge for labor needed to install them.

Agreed, repair parts can be expensive. We only use parts made by the banding tool manufacturer. They are typically well made and stand up to industrial use.

Yes, we will fix it. We want you to like us and buy your next one from Fastpak!

We repair banding tools made by all major manufacturers.

Fastpak has been repairing strapping tools since 1986. Our technicians are factory trained on a regular basis.

It typically takes between ½ to a full hour to disassemble and estimate repair costs for a strapping tool. If you decided not to fix the tool and have it returned we will only charge the estimate time. If you order a new strapping tool we will apply the estimate cost to price of the new strapping tool.

Strapping tools are made for either steel or plastic strapping and cannot use the other material. Strapping sealers are size specific as well so that most tools require a specific width of strapping.

Yes. Some things can be a disaster like using steel strapping in a tool designed for plastic strapping. We have seen lesser quality steel and plastic strapping wear out strapping tools sooner than quality strapping.

Yes. Rigid packages can require different banding materials or banding tools than compressible packages. We ask on our Strapping Tool Repair Form if the product strapped is compressible or rigid. If there is a possibility your banding tools are not applicable to your load type please call us to discuss the application.

We most certainly do! We also sell the full range of banding materials in both the plastic banding and steel banding product lines.

Yes, our stock of these changes all the time depending on demand. Please call if you have a specific need.

Barring misuse, we warranty the parts installed and the labor to install them for 30 days from the date the repaired bander is shipped back to you.

Keys to successful strapping tool repair:

-Tell us exactly what problems you’re experiencing with the tool. On our Strapping Tool Repair Form there is a description of problems section. When we repair a strapping tool, we disassemble it fully and replace damaged parts worn beyond a reasonable expectation of reliable performance. Sometimes, like your car, there is an elusive problem that’s hard to find. If you are specific on the problems your experiencing, it helps us identify all problems.