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For over 30 years, Fastpak Systems has been trusted by world class enterprises to optimize their packaging and shipping processes through our enhanced product offering, extensive experience, and lasting relationships.  We have built our business by following the golden rule and our long term partners will attest to that!

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By evaluating your current packaging process and focusing on essential needs, we will drive cost down.  Using the right combination of materials, equipment and methods will reduce your total spend in packaging.

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What a healthy mindset we have today in business.  In the past, we followed the tendency to minimize cost by using the cheapest product available.  Today we focus on maximizing output, eliminating wasted material, wasted time, duplication of effort, waiting, damaged goods, excess product protection, and other activities that need not be done.

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all”.  We have a history of combining the right equipment, automation, supplies and methods to reduce waste and move your product through the packaging department efficiently.

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Lost sales, disappointed customers, costly replacement, product loss, duplicate freight expense, costly re-work all result from in-transit damage between you and your customer.  We are in the protective packaging business.  Let us draw on our portfolio of proven products to eliminate damage.

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Our goal is that our customer is never in a situation where they can’t pack their product because they are out of something they rely on us for.   Between our facilities and those of our partners, we supply single and multi-location customers throughout the United States.

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We must be responsible in preserving natural resources so they continue to provide the assets needed for our well-being.  This should be pursued on an economically sound basis.  Fastpak relies on a range products and services that target these needs.

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