filling machineYou have shipments, and you need them to get to your customers fast. But speed can mean that your packages get jostled and thrown about, and you have to balance speed with reliability and safety for your products. To ensure your products arrive to your customers intact, a filling machine is an essential part of that process. Check out these frequently asked questions we get about filling machines.

What Is a Filling Machine?

A filling machine helps you surround the items you are shipping with softness. Top notch void filling machines start with a roll of what appears to be simple plastic wrap, but when the machine starts working, the “plastic wrap” transforms into filling for your box. The spaces between the plastic fill with air, and then, you have durable filling to put in your boxes to cushion your fragile items.

What Are the Benefits of Filling Machines?

Filling machines give you access to the filling you need for your boxes, but they also take up minimal amounts of space in your shipping-and-receiving room or warehouse. In contrast, if you use packing peanuts or packing foam, you have to store those items somewhere. In a space where you do a relatively small volume of shipping, packing peanuts may just take up a box or two, but that still fills up several square feet of floor space. If you do a lot of shipping, the packaging materials may take up even more space.

In addition to saving space, shipping machines also help you generate packaging materials on demand. As long as you have the base materials, you simply put that on the filling machine. Then, you hit the button and viola, you have packaging materials.

Why Is Void Filling Important?

Void filling isn’t just important for shipping. It’s essential for the reputation and success of your business. If you ship items to people in an otherwise empty box, the items are likely to arrive damaged. Your customers may feel dissatisfied, and they probably won’t want to order from your company again. Even if they’re willing to give you a second chance (because accidents can happen to anyone), you have to deal with the costs and time associated with returning and replacing the product. That cuts into your bottom line. By investing in the right packaging materials and helpful products like void filling machines, you can sidestep this scenario and maintain your stellar reputation.


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