Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrappers are among the many types of packaging machinery available at FastPak Systems. You can use our stretch wrappers to package a wide array of products using utilizing a wide array of stretch films. We offer many models of stretch wrappers based on your needs, with film “pre stretch” options which can reduce film costs while maximizing load stability.

Choose Between Automatic and Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Depending on the needs of your application, you can choose from either automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines, adding them to an existing production line or using them as part of a new one. Semi-automatic stretch wrappers are ideal for low output situations. Our fully automatic stretch wrappers are capable of wrapping 100 loads per hour or more. Specialty machines can also bundle products and provide packaging for products of various shapes and sizes.

Stretch Wrapper Capabilities

You can use our stretch wrappers to package products using a variety of stretch films, which we also offer. Our equipment is designed to work with a wide range of stretch wrapping materials to give you the best results for every application.

Stretch Wrapping Films

This stretch wrapping material is commonly used for many stretch wrapping applications. As partners with many leading film producers, FastPak Systems offers a wide range of stretch films at competitive prices, which are compatible with our stretch wrapping machines. We have pallet wrapping films ranging anywhere from 39 to 300 gauge, with multiple colors and tints, UVI , and VCI additives.

One unique type of cost-effective film that we offer is a high load retention film that can reduce the overall cost of wrapping a single load by up to 25% or more. It’s also more eco-friendly, resulting in less waste.

Roll Wrapping Films

This type of film is different from pallet stretch film in that it essentially makes up the entirety of the products’ packaging. We carry films from 70 to 300 gauge, and can formulate them to meet the needs of many applications.

Shrink Films

These films are often used for a vast array of products. There are several types available for specific applications. Polyolefin films that are high-clarity and stiff for use in retail packaging printing or other applications requiring maximum product visibility. Polyethylene films cost less and are typically used for bundling and product wrapping.

Custom Films

If your application needs a completely customized stretch wrapping solution, our stretch wrappers are capable of working with many types of custom films, including pallet covers, pallet shrink bags, stretch hood bags, custom-printed films, and more.

Benefits of FastPak Systems Stretch Wrappers

Regardless of the application, FastPak Systems stretch wrappers are economical for stretch wrapping instillations across many industries. Maximize the efficiency and functionality of a new or existing production line, with equipment that’s both functional and reliable.

Get the Most Reliable Equipment from FastPak Systems

What sets us apart from other packaging distributors is our experience in matching equipment and films to the needs of our client’s application. We can provide you with the best stretch wrapping solution to meet your unique requirements.