Box tape machines are available along with many other types of packaging machines at Fastpak Systems.

Utilize taping machines to package a wide range of products using multiple types of tapes depending on the application, automating the carton closing process. We offer several types of taping machines based on your specific needs, which can help reduce taping costs while simultaneously increasing productivity through the elimination of hand carton closing in production lines.

Automatic or Semi-Automatic Box Tape Machines

Based on the application and the types of taping materials needed, we offer three main types of taping machines, including:

  • Uniform semi-automatic and automatic
  • Random semi-automatic
  • Random automatic carton former

Automatic Taping Machines

These are designed to handle high-volume packaging operations with minimal human intervention. These machines are equipped with advanced features and technology that allow for continuous and efficient sealing of boxes. With automatic box tapers, you can expect increased productivity, reduced labor costs, and improved sealing accuracy. The automated process ensures consistent tape application, eliminating the risk of human error and ensuring a secure seal every time. Automatic machines are ideal for high-volume operations that require speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Semi-automatic Taping Machines

Similarly, semi-automatic box tapers offer a more flexible and cost-effective solution for smaller packaging operations. These machines require some manual input, such as placing the box and activating the tape application. However, they still provide significant advantages over manual taping methods. Expect improved efficiency, faster sealing times, and consistent tape application. They are a great option for smaller businesses with moderate packaging needs or those looking for a more affordable solution.

The choice of the right type of box taping machine depends on various factors:

  • Volume of packaging
  • Type of products being packaged
  • Your budget
  • Space available

Box Tape Machine Capabilities

Versatile Tape Application

Whether you need to apply clear, printed, or reinforced tape, our machines can handle it all. The adjustable tape heads accommodate various tape widths, allowing you to use the tape that best suits your specific packaging requirements.

You can use our tape machines to package products using several different tapes, which we can provide in addition to the equipment. Our tape machinery is designed to work with multiple tapes to give you the best possible results for every application.

Industrial Tapes

You can also use our tape machines to handle industrial tapes such as masking, filament, strapping, printed, high-temperature, double-sides, ASTM tested, and several special application tapes.

Best Packaging Tape

Our tape equipment can work with various types of machine-applied packaging tape, including pressure-sensitive tape with hot melt, acrylic, or natural rubber adhesives. Water-activated tapes are also compatible.

Advanced Technology

This ensures fast and accurate tape application. With adjustable settings, you can easily control the speed and tension of the tape, allowing for consistent and secure sealing of your boxes. Save valuable time and increase productivity in your packaging operations.

Enhanced Productivity Features

For instance, many of our machines are equipped with automatic tape-feeding mechanisms, eliminating the need for manual tape loading. This feature not only reduces operator fatigue but also minimizes downtime caused by tape reloading.

User-friendly Interface and Intuitive Controls

This makes the machine easy to operate. This ensures that your employees can quickly adapt to the machines, leading to increased efficiency and reduced training time.

Box Tape Machines: The Fastpak Systems Difference

Regardless of which application you need tape machines for, Fastpak System tape machines are some of the most cost-effective options for operations across a wide range of industries. You can use this equipment to maximize the packaging efficiency of a new or existing packaging system, with machinery that’s constructed using only the best materials in the industry.

We can also customize taping machinery to best suit your application, meeting the size specifications and settings that are required for optimal functionality in your facility. Understanding the pack-n-ship process is our craft. We have the equipment to give your production line everything it needs to thrive. Even if you’re unsure which type of tape machine would be ideal for your facility, we can help you select the right equipment to keep your systems in the best shape.

What makes Fastpak Systems different from other packaging machine companies is the consistency of quality in our packaging machinery. We make sure that each piece of equipment in our inventory is capable of giving our customers the best results from their packaging operations, with minimal risk of breakdowns. You can get the most effective taping solution for your facility to lower expenses and maintain profitability.

In addition to other tape machines, we offer a selection of other types of packaging machinery, including a variety of strapping machines, stretch wrappers, horizontal wrappers, robot wrappers, shrink machines, and skin and bagging machines. You’ll also find many packaging materials, including a variety of films, strapping products, protective packaging, in-the-box packaging, staples, nails, wire, and more.

Learn more about our tape machines or place an order for one or more units for your facility. You can speak to a Fastpak Systems pack-n-ship expert for immediate assistance.

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