Horizontal stretch wrapping machines, also known as orbital or ring wrappers, are groundbreaking packaging solutions for many industries involving long products. They are among the many cost-efficient packaging options available at Fastpak Systems. These machines use stretch film to tightly, securely, and consistently wrap products horizontally, ensuring stability and protection during transit.

Whether you need to secure and protect your products during transportation or maximize storage space in your warehouse, horizontal stretch wrappers provide reliable and efficient wrapping capabilities. Use them for bundling and suspension packaging for many types of products based on your specific needs.


Why Invest in Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machines?

With their advanced technology and user-friendly design, horizontal stretch wrapping machines have become vital equipment for businesses aiming to streamline their packaging processes. These machines offer a range of advantages making them a popular choice among distributors and manufacturers.

By eliminating the risk of shifting or damage, businesses can reduce the likelihood of costly returns or replacements. Alongside product protection, horizontal stretch wrappers also offer significant time and labor savings.

With automated wrapping processes, businesses can achieve higher packaging speeds and increase overall productivity. This efficiency allows employees to focus on other essential tasks, improving workflow and reducing operational costs for:

  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Logistics

Horizontal wrappers are suitable for bundling a wide range of products such as pallets, boxes, cartons, and bulk items. Whether you need to secure perishable goods, fragile items, or heavy equipment, horizontal stretch wrapping machines provide reliable and consistent wrapping for all your packaging needs.

You can use horizontal stretch wrapping machines for many different materials and products, but they are most commonly used for wrapping doors, windows, textiles, and tires. We offer different types of films that are compatible with our equipment and meet specific package needs. For example, custom films are available such as sheeting, top sheets, pallet covers, pallet shrink bags, stretch hood bags, and custom-printed films.


Horizontal Stretch Wrappers: Capabilities and Features

Increased Efficiency to your Packaging Operations

By automating the wrapping process, these machines eliminate the need for manual labor, saving you valuable time and resources. This allows your employees to focus on more important tasks, ultimately boosting productivity and throughput.

Improved Load Stability and Transportation Protection

With advanced technology and precision engineering, our stretch wrapping machines ensure that your products are securely wrapped and tightly bound, minimizing the risk of damage during transit. This not only reduces product loss but also enhances customer satisfaction by delivering intact and undamaged goods.

Cost-saving Advantages

By optimizing the use of stretch film and reducing material waste, these machines help to minimize material costs. Additionally, the automation and efficiency they bring translate into reduced labor costs, allowing you to allocate your workforce more effectively.

When selecting a horizontal stretch wrapping machine, there are key features you should consider to ensure you make the right decision for your packaging needs.

  • Capacity and Speed Options Available

Fastpak Systems offers a range of machines with varying capacities and speeds to accommodate different and high production demands. Whether you need to wrap a few pallets per hour or have high-volume packaging demands, we have a machine that can handle the job efficiently.

  • Machine Compatibility with Your Products and Pallet Sizes

Horizontal wrappers are designed to work with a wide range of products, from boxes and cartons to irregular-shaped items. Additionally, they can handle various pallet sizes, ensuring versatility and flexibility in your packaging operations.


Get the Most Dependable Packaging Equipment from Fastpak Systems

Regardless of the application, horizontal wrappers can give you consistent top-quality results. You’ll be able to package products of any size and shape specifications, giving you everything you need to enhance a new or existing production line. You can use them with the other packaging equipment available at Fastpak Systems to maintain optimum efficiency for nearly any type of packaging system.

Fastpak Systems only offers the most dependable horizontal wrapping machines available from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Our Aetna horizontal wrappers are ideal for small ring applications, while Orion wrappers are used for large ring applications. Equipment is available with ring openings between 12″ to 110″ to accommodate products of various shapes and sizes.

Fastpak Systems can provide customers with the best packaging solutions because of our extensive industry experience. The equipment we offer is made using the best materials and technology in the industry, which can help guarantee consistently great results. We have everything you need to make your production line operate at peak performance, with minimal risk of inefficiency because we understand the pack-n-ship process. Along with horizontal wrappers, Fastpak Systems also offers special application machines, manual equipment, and supplies.

Take your business operations to the next level now by investing in the right equipment and materials to streamline your pack-n-ship process.

Contact Fastpak today to get started today with a pack-n-ship expert.