If you run a shipping and receiving department, you need the right shipping supplies, and that includes labeling and coding equipment. The right labels are essential if you want your shipments to get to the right destination, and codes can help with inventory and supply chain management. When shopping for this type of shipping equipment, you may want to keep the following in mind.


Case Labeling Systems

Labeling and case coding equipment comes with case label application systems. Before investing in these shipping supplies, see if you can add labeling machines to the equipment, or look for built-in labeling tools. Then, check if the labeling element prints and applies the label or if it only applies. You can find both options, depending on the model you select.


Type of Printing and Capabilities

Then, you may want to look into the type of labels created by the equipment. For best results, high-resolution inkjet printing systems help you get crisp clear letters on your levels. However, you may want equipment that can be set for high or low resolution so you can decide when you want to save ink and when clarity is important.

Also, look at how many lines you can print — for most shipping applications, six lines of large characters is ideal. Finally, make sure that the printer you select works on the type of shipping supplies you are using. For instance, if you want the coding printed directly on the boxes, you need something that works with porous or recycled cardboard. On the other hand, if you want the print directly on your label, you need something that can work with a variety of label materials.


Thermal Transfer Options

In some cases, you may need label and coding equipment that uses thermal transfer printers. With thermal transfer, the ink is transferred using a thermal print head and a ribbon. This setup is ideal for printing on flexible packaging.


Waste Backing

When you create a label, you have to deal with the back of the label. So that you can easily throw away the backs, you may want to look for a coding and labeling machine that features a re-rolling feature. Then, you can simply throw away or recycle those remnants of your shipping supplies when you are done using the roll of labels. You don’t have to worry about the backing littering up the floor in your busy area.


Package Capacity and Design

Some labeling and coding equipment just prints the label. Then, you apply it. However, other equipment gives you a spot to place the box on the equipment itself. Then, you print and apply the label. Ultimately, you need to choose the option that works best for the flow in your shipping and receiving area. However, if you choose an option where you place the box on or under the equipment, you need to ensure that it has the ability and the capacity to hold the types and sizes of boxes you usually use in your shipping process.


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