Any business that ships products to clients or customers, understands the importance of an “arrival experience” where the customer is pleased with their purchase. A box taper is an effective contribution to delivering that positive experience. It might be just the thing missing from your business’ shipping needs.

What is a Box Taper?

A box taper, also known as a case sealer or package taper, is a customized device designed to automate the process of sealing corrugated cardboard boxes securely. A box taping machine applies adhesive tape to the top and bottom flaps of a box to ensure that it’s securely closed for shipping or to safely keep in storage. It is a quick labor efficient method of closing boxes neatly, resulting in a more professional package appearance.

What is a Box Taping Machine?

A box taping machine mechanically automates the taping process for corrugated boxes. Think of it as a box taping robot. A streamlined series of rollers, guides, and mechanisms work together to pull down and tape the flaps of a box through the machine to securely seal whatever is inside. Box taper machines come in various sizes and configurations (semi-automatic or fully automatic), catering to different box dimensions and even different box sizes on an intermixed basis.

What Kind of Tape Does a Box Taper Machine Use?

Typically, box taper machines use pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. This strongly adhesive packaging tape migrates into cardboard surfaces and provides a secure seal to protect boxes during transit. Packaging tapes come in different materials such as polypropylene and polyester. Even paper and reinforced paper options are available.

How Do I Know What Type of Packaging Tape to Use?

When choosing tape for your box taper, consider what you are shipping. The factors below should all be part of the decision.

  • Is the product temperature sensitive?
  • Box weight
  • Environmental conditions
  • Business or the product’s specific packaging requirements

Does a Box Taper Water-proof Items?

No, a box taper, more specifically the adhesive tape itself, does not protect something from being damaged by water or moisture if the box gets wet. Box taping protects the product inside a box from being tampered with or damaged by scratches, dents, and other damage. Please view our stretch wrapping or pallet wrapping page for water-resistant sealing.

Benefits of a Box Taper Machine for Your Business

Enhanced Efficiency: Box tapers automate the taping process, significantly speeding up packaging operations. This increased efficiency translates to higher productivity, output, and reduced labor costs.

Consistent Sealing: Manual taping can lead to inconsistent seals and a “messy” appearance.  Box tapers ensure uniform and secure seals on every box, minimizing the chances of poor sealing.

Time and Cost Savings: By streamlining the packaging process, box taping machines save valuable time that can be allocated to other important tasks. Moreover, reduced labor requirements contribute to cost savings over the long term.

Professional Appearance: Both in-the-box packaging and neatly sealed boxes contribute to a professional image. Box tapers create a clean and tidy packaging finish that leaves a positive impression on customers.

Flexibility: Box taper machines can handle a range of box sizes and styles, making them adaptable to various packaging needs within any business.

How Does a Box Taping Machine Work?

Box taping machines operate using a simple and effective mechanism.

  1. The operator places an open box full of product(s) onto the machine’s conveyor system, confirming the flaps are properly aligned.
  2. The machine’s conveyor system guides the box through the taping area. The flaps are folded as they move into the taping machine.
  3. As the box moves through the taping area, the machine applies adhesive tape to the top and bottom flaps, creating a secure seal.
  4. Once the tape is applied, the sealed box exits the machine and is ready to be stored or shipped.

Can You Buy a Taping Machine for Office or Home Business?

Box taping machines are commonly used in both industrial and commercial settings. Larger, more elaborate machines are used for big chain companies, but smaller and more compact models are available for office or home business use. Smaller machines are designed to handle lower packaging volumes and still offer the benefits of automation and efficiency.

Boost Your Business’ Shipping Needs with a Box Taper from Fastpak

Investing in a box taper machine offers several advantages for your business. If you frequently package items for shipping, a box taping machine will be a valuable addition to help streamline your packaging process and ensure secure seals on every box.

Large-scale warehouses or a home-based small business both can reap the benefits of a box taping machine. Box taping can make a significant difference in your packaging efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

It’s time to take your packaging process to the next level with a top packing equipment supplier and invest in a box taper machine.

Contact Fastpak today to discuss box taping that can be tailored to your business needs.