Shrink Machines

Shrink machines are one of the many types of packaging machines you’ll find at FastPak Systems. You can use our shrink machines to package a variety of products using different kinds of shrink films. We offer several types of shrink machines depending on your application’s specific needs, which can help lower film expenses and maximize efficiency in your production lines.

Choose Between Automatic and Semi-Automatic Shrink Machines

Based on the application and throughput demands, you can choose from either automatic or semi-automatic shrink machines. Add them to an existing production line or use them in a new one. Semi-automatic “L” sealers are ideal for meeting standard application requirements, while higher-speed applications can benefit from the reliability and minimal downtime that automatic shrink machines provide.

Shrink Machine Capabilities

You can use FastPak shrink machines to work with several different kinds of shrink films, depending on your needs. Shrink films are used for a variety of different products. Some applications use polyolefin films that are high-clarity and stiff for implementation in retail packaging, print materials, or other products where visibility is integral. Other applications use polyethylene films because of their lower cost and ability to use them for sufficient bundling and product wrapping. We can also help you select the appropriate shrink film from our selection of film products.

Custom Films

Production lines can also use shrink machines for a number of custom films. They are potentially capable of working with pallet shrink bags, custom-printed films, bundling film and other types of custom films. We’ll make sure you get the right shrink machine for your application depending on what you need for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of FastPak Systems Shrink Machines

Regardless of your application’s needs, FastPak Systems shrink machines are some of the most cost-effective pieces of equipment for shrink wrapping operations across a wide range of industries. You can maximize efficiency and functionality of a new or existing packaging line,¬†with machinery that’s constructed using only the best materials in the industry for quality assurance. We carry machinery from some of the top brands, which helps us maintain consistent quality among all of the machines we carry. You don’t need to worry about getting inferior machines prone to breakdowns that could result in potentially devastating downtime in your facility. You’ll be able to get the results you want.

Get the Most Dependable Packaging Equipment from FastPak Systems

What sets FastPak Systems apart from other packaging machine companies is our ability to maintain quality for each machine and product that we carry. We can provide you with the best shrink machine solution to meet your application specifications every time you work with us. We’ll help you find the perfect machine to integrate in your packaging lines. Some of the other packaging machines we offer include stretch wrappers, strapping machines, horizontal wrappers, robot wrappers, skin and bagging machines, and tape machines.

If you would like to place an order for shrink machines or any of the other packaging equipment or products we offer, you can contact us at any time and we’ll provide immediate assistance.