When it comes to securing items, especially heavy-duty goods for shipment, plastic bander tools are an invaluable solution for small and large businesses. Whether for a warehouse or your home business, learn why plastic banding and the plastic bander tool have made their mark for durable and secure shipping.

What is a Plastic Bander Tool?

A plastic bander tool, also known as a plastic strapping tool, is a handheld manual or battery-powered device designed to efficiently tighten and securely strap heavy-duty plastic bands around various items for packing, storage, and shipping. Plastic banders streamline the process of palletizing, bundling, and securing a wide range of products in multiple industries. Many high-volume businesses and large warehouses count on automated strapping machines for labor-efficient, heavy-duty, and secure protection of products.

How Strong is a Plastic Bander Tool?

Plastic strapping tools are surprisingly robust despite their lightweight and portable design. The choice of a plastic bander tool depends on various factors, such as the type of plastic strapping used, the tension applied during the strapping process, and the production level required. They are capable of securing a wide range of loads, from light packages to heavy-duty pallets. The strength of a plastic bander is a key factor in ensuring the safe transport and storage of your goods.

How Will Plastic Bander Tools Save My Business Money?

Plastic banders are a cost-effective alternative to traditional packaging methods. Plastic strapping is affordable, and operator friendly. It’s also lightweight, so it can reduce shipping costs. Moreover, the speed and efficiency of plastic banding tools can lead to increased productivity and reduced labor costs. By preventing damage during transit and minimizing material waste, these tools also help in reducing costly rework and replacement.

What Can You Secure with Plastic Bander Tools?

Mostly anything. Plastic bander tools are versatile and can be used to secure a wide range of items, such as the ones listed below.

Boxes and Cartons: Easily strap together boxes of different sizes with any type of product inside for secure shipping and storage.

Pallet Loads: Secure heavy pallet loads for stable transportation and storage.

Bundles of Materials: Bind bundles of materials, such as pipes or lumber, with ease.

Newspapers and Magazines: Plastic strapping and bander tools are used in the printing industry to bundle newspapers and magazines efficiently.

Construction Materials: Secure construction materials like bricks, tiles, lumber, and more on job sites or for transport to job sites.

What is an Alternative to Using a Plastic Strapping Tool?

Some businesses opt for steel banding instead of the various types of plastic banding. Steel strapping is more expensive but has great strength.  Depending on the product, this may be a better choice. Plastic banding tools remain the preferred choice for those seeking a balance between strength, cost-efficiency, and ease of use.

What Happens if a Bander Tool Breaks or Needs Repair?

Plastic bander tools are durable, but like any equipment, they may require maintenance or repair over time. If your plastic banding tool breaks or needs repair, it is recommended to contact Fastpak or a certified service provider. Regular maintenance and proper usage can extend the lifespan of your plastic banding tool, ensuring it remains a reliable part of your packaging and strapping process. The most important thing is to buy banding tools and all packing and shipping materials and equipment from a reputable pack-n-ship supplier.

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In the world of packaging and shipping, plastic strapping and bander tools are a cost-effective, versatile, and reliable solution. They can secure a wide range of items, save your business money, and offer an efficient alternative to traditional secure packaging methods. Plastic bander tools are a valuable addition to your toolkit; it’s important to choose the right one(s) for your business.

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