Welcome to Fastpak Systems, your go-to destination for top-quality strapping tools and repair. We have been in the strapping tool repair business since 1986 and our repair staff has up-to-date factory training. Our strapping tools are crafted to enhance your packaging operations, making them quicker and more secure, but they will need repair now and again after years of continuous use. Regardless of whether you’re in the manufacturing, logistics, or shipping industry, our strapping tools are tailored to meet your unique requirements. This is why we also offer top-tier tool repair services.

Most Common Strapping Tool Problems

Below are the four most common problems, as outlined by Fromm, a leading industry manufacturer we work with. Try out our DIY tips. If after the tips have been applied and the tool is still not functioning properly, it is time to contact our team of experts. We do not recommend opening up or tinkering with strapping tools without repair experience. Other than basic cleaning, more complicated tasks should be left to tool repair experts to avoid harming yourself or damaging products.

Not Working in Any Way

This could indicate a dead or defective battery or the battery is not sitting correctly in the tool.

  • Make sure the battery charges properly in the charger.
  • Check that the battery fits properly in its compartment.
  • Remove the battery and put it back in the case.
  • Try a spare battery if available. (Sometimes batteries are duds.)
  • If your tool still doesn’t work, it could be a defective motor or circuit board.

Weak Tensioning Strength

This could signal that the tensioning wheel is dirty or old, or that the microswitch or a circuit board is faulty.

  • Adjusting the settings.
  • Make sure the strapping did not slip off.
  • Blow air into the tensioning wheel to remove debris.

*Do not use any hard objects when trying this.

Does Not Cut

The cutter or pressure spring may need to be replaced.

  • Check and adjust the cutter.
  • Clean the tool.

Does Not Weld

This may be due to different broken or old components such as grippers, springs, or motors.

  • Blow into the tool to remove any dust or debris.

Repair Service for Your Plastic and Metal Bander Tools

Fastpak offers repair services for all common brands of manual, pneumatic, and battery-powered banders. We can repair any strapping tool, also known as a banding tool, for both steel strapping and plastic strapping.

Our repair parts inventory enables us to turn repaired tools around quickly. Uncommon parts that may not be stocked are typically available in only a few extra days. We are happy to provide repairs for your banding tools, supply you with parts so you can make your repairs, or fix that tool you took apart and cannot get back together.

At Fastpak Systems, we’ve assisted numerous businesses in finding the perfect strapping tool for their needs and repairing these tools promptly. Whether it’s enhancing efficiency, reducing downtime, or minimizing material waste, we have the expertise to repair your strapping tool(s) efficiently. Fill out the form below to request a repair for your manual, pneumatic, and battery-operated tools.

Tool Repair Request

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  • Please enclose form with repair or fax to 770-423-2220 or email to