Pallet wrapping, also known as stretch wrapping, is a load securement process in the logistics supply chain. With the use of pallet wrap, businesses have an efficient and secure form of protection for goods and products shipped to customers or clients. Learn why pallet wrapping from Fastpak could be what your business needs to get to the next level of security, arrival experience, and ultimately increased profits.

What is Pallet Wrapping?

Pallet wrapping is a technique that involves securing goods or products onto a pallet by tightly wrapping them with a performance-engineered film. This stretchable plastic film stabilizes and protects products during storage and transit. This process prevents items from shifting, tumbling, or becoming damaged or soiled while in transit.

There are two main types of pallet wrap: cast and blown. The choice between the two depends on specific application needs, such as load size, storage conditions, and required durability.

Cast Pallet Wrap Blown Pallet Wrap
Manufactured using a casting process that creates a clear film that doesn’t make noise as it’s being applied. Produced through a blowing process that creates a more resilient, tougher film.


Pallet Wrapping vs. Stretch Wrapping

“Stretch wrapping” and “pallet wrapping” are almost always used interchangeably, as they are the same process of safeguarding goods. Although, stretch wrapping is a broader term; it involves various methods of securing items using stretchable materials. Pallet wrapping is a subgroup of stretch wrapping; it secures goods onto pallets by wrapping them in a plastic film.

Composition of Pallet Wrap

Pallet wrap is the same material as stretch wrap. It is typically made from polyethylene (PE), a type of plastic polymer with excellent stretch and cling properties, that is formed into stretchable material wound onto rolls. This plastic film is flexible yet strong, tough, and durable,  ensuring that it tightly conforms to the shape of the products and the pallet itself.

Benefits of Pallet Wrap

  • Tamper Resistance: Pallet-wrapped goods are less prone to tampering, increasing consumer trust and product integrity. Decrease stolen goods with quality wrapped cargo. Pallet wrap film can be pigmented to further increase product security.
  • Stability: By tightly securing items on a pallet, pallet wrapping prevents movement and reduces the risk of damage during transit.
  • Diversity: Pallet wrappers are versatile; they can be used for various types, shapes, and sizes of products. Sharp edges? No problem with pallet wraps.
  • Protection: Pallet wrap acts as a plastic cocoon, safeguarding products from dust, moisture, and other external elements.
  • Waterproof: It is designed to be water-resistant. This is particularly important when goods are exposed to outdoor or humid environments.
  • Boosted Awareness: Durable, yet transparent packaging to showcase brands.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Properly wrapped pallets reduce the chances of product loss due to damage, saving money in the long run.
  • Load Optimization: Pallet wrap ensures that items are stacked and packed optimally, maximizing storage space. Pallet wrap can easily handle irregularly shaped loads.
  • Cut Labor Costs: Automated pallet wrapper machines streamline the wrapping process, saving time and labor costs.
  • Waste Reduction: Using pallet wrap compared to other packaging methods (such as Styrofoam) is more sustainable and less waste. The film is further recyclable after use too.

Is Pallet Wrapping a Quick or Long Process?

Various factors come into play regarding the speed of the pallet wrap process.

  • Type of pallet wrap
  • Equipment used
  • Expertise of the operator
  • Size of products and level of securement required.

Manual pallet wrapping can be time-consuming, but with the invention of automated pallet wrap machines, the process has become significantly faster and more efficient.

Count on Fastpak for Your Pallet Wrapping Needs

Pallet wrapping is a vital component of modern shipping operations. It ensures the safe and secure transportation of goods for a wide range of industries. The benefits of pallet wraps are countless in terms of stability, protection, and cost-effectiveness for businesses. It’s time to make better decisions to enhance your business supply chain management practices.

Reduce product loss, increase customer satisfaction and trust, and streamline your shipping operations. Take your logistics to the next level now with Fastpak, the ultimate pallet wrap supplier. Let’s discuss pallet wrap as an integral part of your business.

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