Many pack-n-ship situations will require specialized strapping tools. Our strapping tool collection, also known as banders, tensioners, and sealers covers a complete range of user-friendly pneumatic and battery-powered tools for metal and plastic strapping.

The shipping and packaging industry has grown dramatically over the years and has become innovative with the tools and supplies that are available. Major corporations and small businesses that have a shipping department know the value of specialized tools that make the job simple and safe. Some of these tools include a hand (manual) strapping tool, a pneumatic strapping tool, and battery-operated strapping tools. To help you decide which tool is right for your needs, consider these factors when shopping for shipping tools and supplies.

Pneumatic Strapping Tool

Pneumatic tools are operated or driven by air or gas under pressure (compressed air or gas).

Steel strapping tools are predominately pneumatic, but there are battery-powered steel strapping tools available. Here are some factors to think through when choosing the right pneumatic strapping tool for your business.

Heavy Loads

If the load you are strapping is over 5,000 pounds, steel strapping is strong enough that it won’t break. To apply steel straps in a fast manner, a pneumatic tool for steel straps will be needed.

High-temperature Loads

Steel straps are used for loads that are higher in temperature than a normal load so they won’t melt.

Odd-shaped Loads

The steel strap can be easily applied to the odd-shaped load quickly and safely.


Steel strapping tends to be more expensive than plastic strapping.

Battery-Powered Strapping Tool

This type of tool is mainly used for plastic strapping and is powered by batteries. You can find pneumatic plastic banders, but they are less common.

The plastic strap is a great option for keeping costs under control. It has been proven that it is the most cost-effective way to strap loads. This strapping method requires a plastic strapping tool.

If your business is smaller and ships small loads, then a plastic tool will be right for your needs. It can be used in small operations and is easily managed by one person strapping one box at a time.

The plastic strapping tool is the perfect tool to use under slow conditions. It can be handheld and positioned to ensure an effective hold on the box or crate.

Choosing the Right Strapping Tool for Projects

The type of load and the object that is being shipped matter. By thinking through the process from start to finish you can secure the object with the best tool and the right material.

Matching the tool with the application is a function of budget, environment, required speed, load configuration, and safety, among other factors. Our tools come from the leading industry manufacturers.

Shippers face many conditions when determining which product and tool to use.

  • Weight of the load
  • Application method (machine or worker method)
  • Shape of each load
  • Transportation method (flatbed semi or enclosed)
  • Weather conditions
  • Length of shipping duration

If the load is heavy and being transported a long distance, then the strap should be made of steel and applied with a pneumatic strapping tool. Loads that are small and enclosed can be secured with plastic straps and a plastic strapping tool.

As with all equipment, proper maintenance and repairs when needed will allow your tools to last as optimally as possible. Scheduling tool repair by professionals will minimize larger and more expensive repairs and unexpected replacement tools.

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