Strapping is among the most cost-effective ways to contain bulk products such as steel, lumber, construction materials, printed goods, and boxes. FastPak Systems carries a full array of economical, reliable automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines to meet your needs.

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

Automatic machinery is available for integration into an existing production line, along with semi-automatic versions that require an operator. Machines are also application-specific for use in a wide range of industries, such as your choice of plastic or metal strapping bands.

Strapping Machine Capabilities

Depending on your application, you can use our strapping machines for all the commercially available types and sizes of steel and plastic strapping.

Steel Strapping

This rigid product offers the widest range of break strengths. Low-carbon steel strapping is typically used for light to medium applications including unitizing, package reinforcements, bundling, box closure, and palletizing. For applications requiring increased strength and shock resistance, heat-treated high-carbon steel strapping is available.

Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene straps are a cost-effective solution intended mainly for light-duty applications including palletizing, bundling, and unitizing. Embossing gives them better-split resistance and efficient seal joints.

Polyester Strapping

Polyester is one of the toughest plastic straps and is often used in steel strapping for demanding applications like lumber and brick.

High Recovery Nylon Strapping

Nylon strapping is normally used to replace regular-duty steel or polyester strapping in applications that require high retained strap tension.

Specialty Strapping

Our machines can also work with specialty strapping including stainless steel, chord strap, galvanized, punched, and zinc coated.

Benefits of FastPak Systems Strapping Machines

Whether you need machines for plastic or steel applications, our strapping machines can keep the process efficient and result in consistent placement and tension of every strap.

Our equipment is among the most economical choices for strapping in many industries and work environments. Integrate automated strapping equipment into new or existing packaging lines to maximize efficiency and functionality. Our strapping machines are manufactured using the best materials and innovative technology.

Using one or more of our strapping machines in your facility with steel or plastic strapping, you can meet high production demands while reducing labor costs.

Get the Most Dependable Equipment from FastPak Systems

What sets FastPak Systems apart from other packaging equipment manufacturers is the fact that we ensure each machine in our inventory is of consistently high quality. You’ll be able to get some of the best packaging machines without exceeding your available budget.

Automated strapping equipment is designed to last for many years of industrial use with minimal downtime. In addition to top-quality strapping machines, FastPak Systems also offers horizontal stretch wrappers, special application machines, shrink machines, tape machines, and skin and bagging machinery for a wide array of applications.

Regardless of your pack-n-ship needs, we have the expertise and solutions that can give you the results you want in your production line. You can place an order for strapping machines or other equipment that we offer, along with inquiring about additional details about our products.

Contact FastPak Systems today to order or ask which materials and machines are best for your business.