Stretch Film

In addition to many other types of packaging films available at FastPak Systems, you’ll find reliable shrink film products that can give your systems exactly what they need to maintain efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With our stretch film, you can get some of the best results from your operations while lowering costs on materials.

Use Stretch Film across a Wide Range of Applications

Our machine-applied stretch films are available for many different types of applications. We can help you select the right stretch film depending on your specific requirements and the capabilities of the stretch wrapper you intend to use.

We have partnered with several of the leading film producers to offer a large selection of top-quality films at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. We have pallet wrapping films that range from 39 to 150 gauges, available in various tins, UV, and VCI additives depending on your needs.

Regardless of your application’s requirements, we’ll assist with product selection make sure you get the benefits you want from our stretch film packaging products.

Benefits of Stretch Film from FastPak Systems

With our stretch film products integrated into your packaging systems, you’ll experience several benefits, including reduced material costs and potentially lowered labor expenses when used with reliable machinery. Our stretch film meets the highest industry standards, using top construction from only the most dependable manufacturers. You’ll see a consistent level of quality across our entire product line to leave you satisfied every time you shop through us.

Other Types of Film Products Available

Need more than stretch film to meet the needs of your packaging application? We offer many other types of films that can work in nearly any type of packaging system.

Our wide array of films includes a selection of machine-applied stretch films, handwrap films, shrink films, roll wrapping films, surface protection films, poly bags, and custom films that are configurable to meet specific requirements.

We’ll help you select the perfect film to help maximize the profitability and efficiency of your systems, regardless of your needs.

High-Quality Stretch Wrappers

If you need a reliable stretch wrapper to use in conjunction with our stretch film, we carry both semi-automatic and automatic models to reduce film costs and increase load stability.

Semi-automatic wrappers are useful in many low-output applications, while our fully automatic machines are capable of wrapping up to 100 loads an hour or more. We also offer special application machines that can bundle products and provide sufficient packaging for odd-shaped and longer products.

Get Stretch Film and Much More at FastPak Systems Today

For a selection of some of the best stretch films and other packaging products available anywhere, shop at FastPak Systems for all of your packaging needs. We can provide you with many of the best equipment and packaging materials to help you get consistently great results from your operations, and at some of the best prices.

To learn more about stretch film or other products from FastPak Systems, or to place an order, contact us today and we’ll help you find what you need.