The Benefits of Using Shrink Film for Shipping and Packaging

You have come to the right place if you are considering purchasing bulk orders of shrink wrap to protect products during shipping and those you store on-site. As stretch film suppliers, FastPak is happy to answer any questions you have about the ordering process or our individual products.

Shrink wrap is the name for a large piece of plastic that you can place around any object, no matter how large or small. You then apply heat to the surface of the plastic to cause it to shrink and form a tight seal around the object. The shrink wrap will instantly begin to form to the shape of the item as soon as you apply the heat. We can provide you with shrink wrap in sizes ranging from as small as a roll of tape to larger than an oil drum. Feel free to contact one of our stretch film suppliers if you feel uncertain about what sizes you need to order.

Why Choose Shrink Wrap for Your Shipping and Packing Needs?

Shrink wrap helps to save your company both money and space. It can be significantly more affordable compared to bulkier materials. Its small and thin size also means that you can keep several items bundled close together without taking up a lot of extra space. Some other benefits to consider with shrink wrap include:

·      Adaptability: Shrink wrap is an extremely adaptable material that you can use to protect items ranging from tiny game pieces to large freight trailers. All you need to do is apply heat and the shrink wrap will take care of forming a seal and keeping your valuables safe.

·      Durability: Some customers express surprise to our stretch film suppliers that shrink wrap is so durable. Although it might seem like plastic would tear easily, this is not the case.

·      Long-lasting protection from the elements: The heat from a shrink wrap gun forms a very tight seal that keeps dirt, dust, and other debris away from your products. Most importantly, it keeps your company’s valuables dry and free of moisture. This is critical to prevent rotting and the development of mold.

·      Security: It is easy to see when someone has attempted to tamper with an item that one of your employees has already shrink wrapped. That is because shrink wrap holds its seal and its shape so tightly.

If your company manufactures or distributes food, shrink wrap helps to extend the shelf life of every product. Another thing to consider is whether you want to add branding to the shrink wrap that protects products your company ships to customers. This allows them to see the name and contact details for your company even as they remove the shrink wrap to retrieve the product. You can also send a message of environmental responsibility to your customers since they can immediately recycle the shrink wrap.

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