When you’re sending shipments, you want all the bits and pieces to be held together tightly, and sometimes, that requires stretch film. Stretch film suppliers sell a variety of types of stretch film. That makes it easy to meet the needs of your warehouse, shipping-and-receiving department, or anywhere else where you package supplies. While shopping for shipping supplies, here are some essentials to keep in mind.


Stretch Wrap Versus Shrink Wrap

At first glance, both of these products look pretty similar, but when you talk with stretch film suppliers or other shipping and receiving professionals, you’ll find that there are actually a lot of differences between these products. They both like like the cling wrap you probably have in your kitchen to wrap up leftovers. But, stretch wrap stretches around products. It has a degree of elasticity that lets you pull it taut around your shipments, and it holds everything tightly together. In contrast, shrink wrap goes loosely around your products or shipments. Then, to tighten it, you need to apply heat. Often, you can do that with a blow dryer.


Applications for Stretch Film

You can use film from stretch film suppliers in a variety of applications. Say you’re packing up a group of jars and you’re putting them in a box that doesn’t have a lid. You can apply the stretch wrap to keep everything well organized and to prevent the jars from falling out of the box. However, you don’t just have to use stretch film for single boxes. Stretch film is also great for holding together pallets of boxes. You cover the pallet with your boxes. Then, to ensure the stacks don’t tip and tilt to the side, and to prevent boxes from getting separated from your shipment, you can cover the whole load in stretch film.


Applying Stretch Film

You can apply stretch film in a variety of ways. You can get stretch film in large packages. Again, these look similar to the dispensers you get when you buy cling wrap for your kitchen. Then, to apply the stretch film, you just pull a little bit out of the box and you stick one end to the item you are wrapping. Then, if you’re wrapping a small item, you can pull off the rest of the wrap that you need and wrap it around the item. Or, if you’re wrapping a large pile of boxes, you may just walk around the boxes, moving your stretch film dispenser as you go so that it can release stretch film over the rest of the items.

However, you don’t have to put on the film manually. There are machines that are designed just for this purpose. Both box stretch wrapping machines and automatic pallet wrappers can apply the stretch wrap for you. Often, you can get this type of equipment from stretch film suppliers.


Buying Considerations When Working With Stretch Film Suppliers

When you’re trying to buy stretch film, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Does the package contain enough film so that you don’t have to reorder for a while?
  • Does the stretch film work with your equipment?
  • Is the film strong enough? If you’re using weak film to save money, you may end up double wrapping which drives up costs.


At FastPak, we are stretch film suppliers who also sell a variety of other shipping essentials. To learn more, contact us directly or look through our online catalog.