When it comes to packaging your products, you might think it’s last on the list of importance, but it’s the first thing your customers see when the package arrives on their doorstep. You want to make a good first impression to encourage repeat business. Part of that is how well you package and secure your items for shipping. If your team is used to hand wrapping items, you might be interested in automating this process with a stretch wrap machine. Here are a few of the reasons this is a good choice for your business.


Greater Package Protection

A stretch wrap machine allows you to more safely package your products for shipping. Although you can make your best guess, you can never be sure what your packages will go through during the shipping process. A good stretch wrapping job can save them from damage, dirt, dust, and moisture.


Safer for Your Employees

A stretch wrap machine can be used for packages large and small. If you are trying to wrap an entire pallet on a forklift, your operator can remain on the rig instead of jumping down to fix something and becoming vulnerable to an accident.

For smaller packages, hand stretch wrapping can cause wear-and-tear injuries for your employees. This could lead to them needing time off or even medical care. Reduce this risk by investing in an automatic stretch wrap machine.


Saves Packaging Time

A stretch wrap machine will always be faster than even your fastest hand wrapping employee. By completing more packages faster, you can send more out in a given day and reduce shipping wait times for your customers. The machine will also be able to more efficiently and consistently wrap your packages which makes for a safer and more predictable arrival.


Saves Supply Money

An automatic stretch wrap machine may seem like a big investment first, but when you consider the day-to-day costs compared to hand wrapping, it’s an investment that will pay for itself over time. Hand wrapping can end up wasting a lot of film. With an automatic machine, you can run more efficiently and waste less, leading to a cost savings for your film supply.


Better Inventory Control

A lot of time can be spent counting your inventory, especially if items tend to go missing when not properly secured. By using a stretch wrap machine to bundle your products, you can make inventorying much faster and more accurate. You no longer have to hunt down missing items or record incorrect numbers. The clear and tight stretch wrap makes scanning bulk objects easy.


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