The ability to shop online is a great asset. It not only saves you time, it can also give you access to suppliers you might not have otherwise had the chance to work with. However, online shopping can also be misleading. You want to make sure that the product you see online is what will arrive at your warehouse. When you’re talking with stretch film suppliers, here are some questions to ask that will help you make sure you get the right stretch film.


How Many Loads Does a Roll of Film Wrap?

The per roll price for a given film thickness and roll length doesn’t guarantee the most cost-effective alternative.

There are about available grades of stretch film. You may reduce cost with a higher grade or higher cost per pound film that requires fewer pounds per pallet wrapped. Package integrity and wrapper throughput are typically improved with the higher performance films as well.

A fifteen minute film comparison can verify load containment ability, amount of film required, and wrapper throughput so you have actual metrics to evaluate various films.


Does This Film Work with My Equipment?

Films perform differently on different types of equipment. Providing the make and model of your existing equipment gives us a good starting point for choosing the best film for you. We then discuss which stretch films will be a good choice, better choice, and best choice for your current equipment.


Is This Film Strong Enough for My Products?

Stretch film is available from 30 Ga (.0003”) to 300 Ga (.003”). To find the right strength for your application, you’ll likely need to provide some details about the weight and size of your products, as well as how you wrap them and your usual transportation method. This information helps the supplier provide you with a more accurate estimate about how well the film will protect against damage.

Using film that’s too weak can lead to damaged shipments, and lost profits. If you double wrap your loads to prevent damage, you’re probably wasting a lot more money on extra film. By evaluating film choices you can minimize film spend and often resolve performance glitches such as pallets sticking to each other in handling, film not running to the end of the roll, or need to scan through the film. Those can be easily solved with the perfect film suggestion from a stretch film supplier.


Trustworthy Stretch Film Suppliers in the US

Fastpak Systems offers a variety of films to suit any application. Headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, we have warehouse locations all over the United States to provide faster shipping for our customers. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more about our products and see how we can help you create a more cost-effective and efficient packaging and shipping department.