When your packages arrive damaged because of improper stretch wrapping, it can end up costing your customer goodwill as well as money. Using a stretch wrap machine can help solve this problem because it takes all the guess work and human fatigue out of the equation. Purchasing the right stretch wrap machine for your business is vital. Here’s what you need to know to make the right choice.


Staying safe while on the job is one of the most important things for your employees. Look for a stretch wrap machine that has all of its wires and motors enclosed. This helps prevent tripping or pinching accidents. Ensure the film delivery system is located on the same side as the mast so people can’t walk between the mast and the load that is rotating on the turntable.

Ease of Use

A stretch wrap machine that is operator friendly will make training new employees much simpler as well as maintaining an efficient workflow. The ideal machine will have an easy-to-thread film delivery system, adjustable load wrapping choices, and an operator’s guide. The simplest machines will be able to be used with minimal instruction, and can even automatically cut the film at the end of the cycle and attach film at the beginning of the next cycle.

Reliability and Durability

There are many manufacturers of stretch wrap machines and many levels of ruggedness of those machines. Compare the construction of the machines you are considering. There are lighter duty machines for lower volume applications and more robust machines for high volume or round-the-clock wrapping needs.


If you’re an established business, you likely already have established packaging and shipping procedures. Finding the tools that work with them helps decrease learning curves and improves efficiency. Double check that the stretch wrap machine you are considering will work with your preferred films, achieves the required amount of load containment force for your loads, and has the capability to apply the needed wrapping patterns.

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