Increase profitability with automation.

When you’re looking at ways to manage costs, every second your products spend in the packing and shipping process counts. There are lots of ways to optimize the process, including selecting the proper materials, organizing packaging stations, and training employees. But for the best results, you really have to look at the entire packaging process, as well as the individual parts. And no investigation into improved overall efficiencies would be complete without exploring the benefits of automation.

When you think of automated packaging processes, you might imagine really big companies, and miles of conveyor belts that take products through a lot of different machines that perform all kinds of tasks. But you don’t actually have to be one of those giants of industry to benefit from automation.

Automated packaging equipment increases productivity, lowers costs, and improves consistency.

Any sized business can benefit from the right automation in their packaging and shipping process. By adding something as simple as an automated tape machine you can scale your output from just a few boxes per person per hour to more than eight boxes per minute.

Automation is not only faster, it’s also more efficient. When employees manually tape up boxes, they’re more likely to make mistakes, which wastes both materials and time. Automated tape machines consistently apply the same amount of tape in the same place. By automating your taping, packages always look good, products are more secure, you can pack—and therefore sell—more products in the same amount of time, less waste makes your carbon footprint smaller, and—because the variables are eliminated—you can better gauge what materials you’ll need to order and stock.

Automation frees up capital to invest in your company and your people.

Obviously, automation provides a lot of benefits to your business. But some companies worry about how it might affect their workers. While automation will reduce your company’s need for manual labor, it also creates new opportunities for your employees to grow into more advanced roles operating and maintaining the equipment. Automation also reduces health impacts on workers who suffer from back, neck, and wrist pain associated with repetitive manual tasks. With fewer injuries, your company will have fewer employees unable to work, fewer claims for worker’s compensation, and lower insurance premiums. With all of these savings, you’ll have additional capital to invest in growing your business and creating more higher-paying jobs.

Year’s end is the time to invest in automation.

2020 has been a big year for e-commerce. According to the U.S Census Bureau, third-quarter 2020 e-commerce sales rose an estimated 36.7 percent over the same period in 2019. So, you can imagine what the fourth quarter will bring with the anticipated surge in online holiday shopping. If you’ve had a great sales year and now need to offset taxes, investing in automation at the end of the year offers some really great advantages. It’s also a great way to spend your end of the year budget and set yourself up for an even more productive and profitable 2021.

An automated tape machine could be just the beginning in boosting business.

At FastPak, we provide a wide range of top-of-the-line equipment to help you increase productivity and improve your ROI. We’re here to consult with you on how best to automate your packaging and shipping processes. And we will continue to support you as long as you own your equipment with expert maintenance and repairs.

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