A strong, secure seal on your boxes is key to ensuring the packages you’re shipping arrive at their destination intact and without damage. There are many materials and equipment you can use to make sure you’ve got a secure seal. Adding the right model taping machine increases package security, saves labor, and gives your customer a more professionally packaged shipment.

You can choose from semi-automatic to fully automatic tape equipment depending on the needs of the application. How do you know which one to buy? Here’s some info to help you decide which would be best for your application.


Semi-Automatic Taping Machine


When you’re working on a series of boxes that are all the same size, you can save equipment cost manually setting the box size on a semi-automatic taping machine and letting it close a batch of same size boxes. The machine will seal both the top and bottom of the box. When you’re ready for a series of boxes that are a different size, the operator makes a quick, simple adjustment – no tools needed!


If you frequently have boxes of varying sizes, you won’t be able to take advantage of the part of this taping machine that is automatic. The operator will have to reset the machine for each size box that goes through, which may be quick when you only have to do it once in a while, but can take a lot of time if box sizes change frequently.


Fully-Automatic Uniform or Random Taping Machine


With a 100% automatic taping machine, you won’t need an operator anymore since the machine does all the work on its own. An automatic taping machine can fold flaps, seal top and bottom flaps, and easily adjust the format to suit any size box as it comes down the line. Models are available for both uniform and random box sizes.


If you don’t currently have enough throughput, the investment in an automatic taping machine may not be worth it just yet, or it might be the perfect solution when workers are needed for other duties.


How to Decide

Deciding whether to go with a semi- or fully-automatic taping machine can depend on a lot of factors. Here are five things to think about before you make the purchase.

  1. How many boxes do you package, seal, and ship per day? Will that number change? When?
  2. What’s your current sealing process like? How many employees are involved?
  3. What kind of boxes do you need to seal? Are they all the same size? Fragile, delicate, heavy, light, irregularly shaped?
  4. Would an automatic taping machine improve production, or not make much of a difference?
  5. Do you currently deal with a lot of theft or damage? If so, is that from weak seals?


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