Do you ship boxes or products to clients? Do you store boxes of items? If you have answered yes to either of those questions, you need the best packing tape. Wondering which type of tape you should buy? Looking for tips on how to find the best packing tape? FastPak has the answers.


Different Types of Tape

As you start your search for the best packing tape, you may be surprised at all the different types of tape you find. Also called packaging tape or shipping tape, traditional packing tape tends to be clear in color, and it features a polypropylene or polyester material with adhesive on it. In contrast, duct tape usually consists of three layers: polyethylene in the middle, fabric on the top, and adhesive on the bottom. Although you can use duct tape as packing tape, you don’t need the fabric layer, and it tends to cost more than traditional packing tape.

There is also painter’s tape, tape with adhesive on both sides, and invisible tape, and although these types of tape can be useful in a range of situations, they are not the most effective option if you need to seal a box.


Qualities to Look for in the Best Packing Tape

If you want the best packing tape, you should pay attention to the tape’s features while you are shopping. As indicated above, most packing tape features a polyethylene or polyester as the main material, but you can also get rubber packing tape. Once you have the tape, see how the adhesive works. Most packing tape has pressure sensitive adhesive. That simply means that you press down on the tape and it sticks to the surface. In contrast, some tapes have heat sensitive adhesive which doesn’t engage unless you apply heat.

Ideally, you want pressure sensitive adhesive, but if the tape you select doesn’t have adequate hold, you may end up using multiple pieces of tape on the same box. That can become cost prohibitive, and if you notice that your shipping department employees are using a lot of tape, that may be a sign that you need to upgrade to tape with a higher quality adhesive. At the same time, also think about the width of the shipping tape you buy. To hold the flaps of boxes together, the best packing tape should have ample width.


Extra Accessories

Once you narrow in on the best packing tape, you may want to start thinking about tape accessories. Tape dispensers are an essential tool to have in a busy warehouse or shipping-and-receiving department. They save time because they hold the active end of the tape in place. If you just have rolls of tape, that end can get stuck and take time to extract. Dispensers also reduce wasted tape for this very reason.


To save money, you should always order packing tape in bulk. Then, you don’t have to worry about reordering any time soon, and you can rest assured that you will always have tape on hand when you need it. However, you may also want to order some storage solutions that can help you keep your tape organized.

For the best packing tape, put in an order with us today. If you have questions, contact us. At FastPak, we have the solutions you need.