You understand how essential it is to access the most suitable packing tape for your business operations. You’ll find the best packaging tape options at Fastpak – The quality is second to none, and the tape will work the way it should around the clock. Discover the best packing tapes for your business and determine which is most reasonable for your operations.


Types of Packing Tapes

As you search for the best packing tape, you’ll find lots and lots of options for you to sort through – but have no fear, we’re here to help.

Also called packaging or shipping tape, traditional packing tape is clear in color and features a polypropylene or polyester material with adhesive.

In contrast, duct tape usually consists of three layers:

  • Polyethylene (in the middle)
  • Fabric (on the top)
  • Adhesive (on the bottom)

Although you can use duct tape like packing tape, you don’t need the fabric layer, and it tends to cost more than traditional packing tape.

There is also painter’s tape, tape with adhesive on both sides, and invisible tape, and although these types of tape can be helpful in many situations, they are not the most effective option if you need to seal a box.


Benefits of Packing Tapes

Here are some reasons to consider buying top-notch packing tapes for your operation needs.


A refined solution is what a customer will get as soon as it’s time to work on investing new tape for functionality and efficiency. Working with packing tape for specific circumstances is ideal, especially when dealing with varying load sizes and materials.

Whether it is a warehouse or a factory, it is necessary to have the correct type of materials ready to go. Quality packing tapes will get the job done and offer the quality required over the long haul.


Tailored Solutions

 Each situation will be different regarding using the tape and ensuring it lasts for a long time within a warehouse or factory. The packing tape needs to hold up as that is one of the primary requirements of your packaging essentials to get the job done well.

Additionally, you can buy tools to help make the packaging process more manageable and less invasive for your employees.



Each order has a budget for packing and ensuring things are done timely, collaboratively, and with minimal or ( preferably zero) risks. When there are several packages to deal with, the packing tape chosen must be reliable to keep shipments stable and durable in the warehouse or during transit.

With this in mind, cost-effective packing tape options can fit your budget and operational needs, especially in our store!


Using Your Packaging Tapes in Special Conditions

There are specific situations that are going to account for temperature changes. This is when it’s essential to work with tapes that are designed to withstand such pressure and continue to offer comprehensive security. You will notice the quality of using the right packing tape as it sets in place on your loads.

If the goal is to go with well-made packing tapes that work well in a wide array of settings, then you will want to start here with Fastpak. The quality will shine through and instantly add value to your operations and workflow.


Get the Best Packing Tapes from Fastpak

Finding the best packing tapes for your business operations (and budget) is easy with our help here at Fastpak. We’ll help you find the right products for your facility while also providing repair for hand banders and strappers that we carry.

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