When you think of packing tape, you probably think of standard plastic packing tape on a handheld tape dispenser. They are inexpensive and easy to use, which makes them great for outfitting multiple packers in a warehouse. However, there are other options to consider, and what you choose is up to you and your business needs. Here’s a closer look at your best packing tape options.

Polyester Tape

The standard tape you probably first think of is called polyester packing tape. This type of tape is great for packages that weigh under 25 pounds. There is also PVC tape which is ideal for packages over 25 pounds. Lastly, there is also such a thing as “quiet” tape. This tape doesn’t make as loud of a noise when you peel it off the roll. This is ideal for warehouses that have multiple packers to keep the noise level down and maintain a serene work environment.

All polyester tape comes in either a clear or white base. Then, you can apply color and designs that suit your brand to help personalize your packages. This makes them more easily identifiable and more fun for your customers to receive.

Gummed Paper Tape

This type of packing tape is best for large volume shippers. It is quick to use during the fulfillment process so your team can stay productive. It is also highly durable so it can’t be removed from the box and reapplied, therefore making it tamper proof.

These rolls of packing tape are larger than the polyester type. They are one inch wider, and can be double the length.

Because there is no adhesive on the back of gummed paper tape, you will have to get it wet before applying. A gummed paper tape dispenser will cost around $300.

Gummed paper tape comes in two strength options. There’s non-reinforced tape which can handle up to 40 pounds, and reinforced tape which can handle 40-60 pounds. The reinforced tape has fiberglass strands that run through the paper to give it the extra strength.

Gummed paper tape is made from paper, which makes it ideal for blending in well with the aesthetic of cardboard boxes.

Similar to polyester tape, you can start with a craft or white base and then add your designs for a custom look.

Which is the Best Packing Tape?

Both of these packing tapes are great, and to decide which is the best packing tape for you, you’ll have to consider your brand, your packaging, and your product. Your choice will depend on the volume you ship, the number of packers in your warehouse, how you want your packages to look when received by the customer, and what type of products you are packaging. For more information or to get help finding the best packing tape for you, please contact us at FastPak Systems today. We’re experts in packing and shipping and can provide the advice and products you need to pack and ship your goods safely and beautifully.

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