Cut Costs to Boost Profitability

In today’s economy, it is even more important for manufacturers and distributors to find ways to improve on operational efficiency in order to keep costs down. Unless you are shipping something that is very large or is very durable in its own right, you will need wholesale shipping boxes.

The smart move is to purchase shipping boxes and materials that are not only reliable but to promote a brand and the brand experience. Another smart move is to buy these boxes in bulk to keep costs down.

Shipping: A Smart Way to Improve Profitability

These days, margins are pretty tight across the board. It’s even more challenging if you are a small business. Raising your prices to maintain profitability may not make you competitive or may not be realistic, given your market space. That means you need to cut costs wherever you can.

Shipping is an admittedly unglamorous but necessary part of your business. However, your packaging represents an excellent opportunity to trim costs. The best way to do that is to plan ahead and look into ordering your shipping boxes in bulk.

Stocking up on wholesale shipping boxes gives you an edge in a few ways. You’ll be prepared if you see a spike in sales. Nothing will take the wind of out of your sails after closing a big deal or experiencing an increase in volume only to be delayed by a lack of foresight in shipping. You can avoid backorders and delays (hence improving customer experience and the likelihood of repeat business) by streamlining this process.

Benefits of Bulk

Buying lots of wholesale boxes ahead of time means that you are ready to meet your sales challenges. Taking advantage of purchasing using the economy of scale means that you’ll save money. Trimming this simple cost reduces your overhead, which you can either use to increase your own profits, invest in growing your business, or pass savings along to your customers.

Don’t Make Shipping Mistakes

By the same token that being proactive with your shipping costs can help to boost your profitability, if you aren’t paying attention to your shipping details, these costs can be ruinous.

Make sure that you accurately measure and weigh your shipments. Ensure that you are using an appropriately sized box for the item that you are sending. Not only does the wrong sized box increase the likelihood that the product will be damaged, but you also aren’t helping your brand. Be sure to tape boxes securely and never re-use boxes.

If you take advantage of the cost and convenience of wholesale shipping boxes, you’ll have plenty of shipping options right on hand. You’ll have the opportunity to protect your products and your brand at the same time.

Want to learn more about how smart shipping can enhance your business model and cement customer relationships? Call FastPak to learn about how we can help and what cost savings are waiting for you when you buy in bulk.

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