No matter what kind of loads you pack and ship, you can definitely benefit from automated strapping equipment available in your facility. The bigger question is which strapping machine is going to be the best for your application? Here are the few different types of strapping machines and the considerations for choosing one.


Manual Strapping Machines

Manual strapping machines are easily portable which make them suitable for a wide variety of packaging needs. They are easily portable and can even be used outdoors in inclement weather if necessary.

They are ideal for lower volume applications that are using under 50 straps a day. Since they are so portable, you can use them while standing in one workstation, or carry them with you throughout the warehouse. Manual strapping machines are the most cost effective which make them ideal for low volume or new businesses.


Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

A strapping table is a semi-automatic strapping machine that is about the size of a small desk. A human operator will place the package on the table, take the free end of the strapping, wrap it around the package, and reinsert it into the machine. The machine will then automatically tension, seal, and cut the strapping. The operator removes the package from the table, and moves on to the next one.

With a semi-automatic strapping machine, the size of the goods to be strapped does not matter since there is human involvement to adjust for this. It has a 2.5 second cycle time which makes it suitable for small to medium production rates. These are relatively inexpensive and ideal for low-volume environments, occasional use, or for bundling multiple packages.


Automatic Strapping Machines

For the most efficient strapping process, you’ll want to choose a fully automatic machine. These systems can detect an incoming package and trigger the strapping operation. They can apply over 60 straps per hour and do not require a human operator. Because of their consistency they can ensure the security of every load. The labor required to apply strapping usually costs more than the strapping itself. Automated systems can easily pay for themselves in high volume applications.


Need Advice? Have Questions?

Efficient and reliable strapping equipment is a vital asset to any facility. The one that’s best for you will depend on a variety of factors, as discussed above. If you have questions about our strapping machines, or need advice to pick the right one for your application, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our packaging experts can ask you about your most common packages to help determine which kind of strapping and machine will offer the greatest benefit for you. You can give us a call at 770-423-0795, send an email to or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your packaging tools and supplies partner for life!

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