Every warehouse has a variety of items that need to be packed and shipped on a regular basis. However, the supplies, tools, and methods you use to pack those items might vary from shipment to shipment. If you’re trying to decide between plastic or steel strapping, here are some of the best reasons for using steel strapping over other strapping options.


Heavy Loads

If you are shipping dense or heavy items that weigh over 25 pounds, it’s often best to use steel strapping. Because it is strong, abrasion resistant and durable, it provides a stronger hold on packages so that everything stays contained. You might also want to use steel strapping if you are trying to keep several items on a single pallet all together. This can help make inventory easier, and  make your facility more efficient and profitable since you won’t spend time looking for missing items.


Large Loads

If your loads are lightweight, but still rather large or compressable, you might still consider using steel strapping.  Items that are dense, hot, or irregular angles and shapes that you want to bundle, are ideal candidates for steel strapping.  Steel provides you with peace of mind knowing that your load is safe and secure no matter what happens to it during the shipping process or while in your storage facility.


High-Impact Shipping

We all know that the shipping process can be brutal to the packages we send out. If you’re worried about your items arriving damaged, or if you’re sending them through extreme weather conditions, bind them with steel strapping.  Shipments are expected to arrive safely and intact. You can avoid customer complaints and having to issue refunds or replacements for damaged goods, as well as poor reviews for something that’s not entirely your fault.


One Thing to Note

One thing to remember when choosing steel strapping is that because it’s heavier, it’s also more expensive to purchase. Since it weighs more than other types of strapping, you’ll also have to pay additional shipping fees if you ship based on weight. However, these drawbacks  may be offset by the performance characteristics that ensure your heavy or large package arrives safely. Balance the pros and cons for your business to determine if steel strapping is right for you.


Where to Buy Steel Strapping

Contact Fastpak to for a full array ot types and sizes of steel strapping. We also sell steel strapping tools for low, medium, and high volume applications.  If you have questions or need advice about which items to choose for your application, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 770-423-0795 or send us a message online. Our packaging experts will be able to help you find exactly what you need to make your packaging process quick, efficient, and affordable.

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