Protective Packaging

Need to keep your products sufficiently protected for shipping? Turn to FastPak Systems for some of the most reliable protective packaging available. You’ll find many different types of protective packaging to make sure your products are safe from damage throughout movement and shipping. We have everything you need for a variety of applications.

Get Many Different Types of Protective Packaging

Depending on your application’s specific needs, you’ll be able to get the perfect protective packaging products that are best suited for your products.


This protective packaging is used for corner protection on boxes and pallets. It can increase stacking strength for pallets and add column strength to boxes. It’s also available from stock for use as strap protectors, or you can choose custom sizes up to 144 inches. Edgeboard constructed from laminated paper is the industry standard, and we also offer alternatives for added strength, lower costs, increased water resistance, and eco-friendliness using recyclable materials.


This is a simple and inexpensive solution for the packaging of longer products, replacing expensive wood crates. This product provides excellent protection and quick packing.


These products are air bags that are used for stabilizing loads and filling voids in container, rail, and truckload shipments.

Void Fillers

These are used to stabilize loads by filling voids between pallets.

Other Protective Packaging Supplies

In addition to all of these high-quality protective packaging products, we also offer a selection of other supplies, including plastic and paper pallets, corrosion control products (VCI paper, bags, film), padded bag and bubble mailers, and honeycomb packaging. Regardless of your packaging system and product needs, we’ll help you find the right protective packaging for your application. All of our packaging supplies are made using only the best materials for quality assurance, giving your products the reliability of protection that they need.

Benefits of Protective Packaging from FastPak Systems

There are many benefits of choosing FastPak Systems for all of your packaging needs, including reliability of products, cost-effectiveness, and the large inventory that includes everything your system requires. We’ll help you find the right products for your facility, while also providing repair for hand banders and strappers that we carry.

Along with protective packaging products, you’ll find packaging supplies such as corrugated packaging and in-the-box packaging to cover all other aspects of box packaging. To help facilitate the packaging process, we also offer packaging tools, including manual and automatic strappers, nailers, staplers, and tape dispensers, in addition to supplies such as tapes, staples, nails, and wire.

To further automate the packaging process, we also offer several types of packaging machines, including strapping machines, stretch wrappers, shrink machines, tape machines, and much more.

Purchase Protective Packaging and More Today

Whatever your packaging requirements and specifications, we have the products to help meet all of your needs. If you need assistance with finding the perfect protective packaging supplies or other products, we’re happy to help with product selection. To learn more about any one of our products, or to place an order with us today, simply contact us online at any time or call 770-423-0795.