A plastic strapping tool will help your business get ahead of the game this holiday season and all year long. As we approach the gift-giving season, everyone is busy preparing to share the love with family and friends, even if we can’t be together this year. For many, that comes in the form of presents. A majority of people turn to online shopping for gift-giving and shop owners know this. Whether you’re an independent crafter selling your goods on Etsy, or a large warehouse with your own Amazon store, we bet you’re up to your ears in new orders.


Need a Little Help? Invest in Plastic Strapping Tools

If the amount of new orders has got you feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! FastPak can help! Check out our selection of plastic strapping tools to help speed up the process. We have a full range available from economical to high performance to suit any application, whether big or small, heavy or light, perfectly symmetrical or oddly shaped.


Why You’ll Love a Plastic Strapping Tool

Whether you’re a one person operation, or you have dozens of employees helping you meet the needs of your customers, you’ll appreciate having a plastic strapping tool on hand. Not only does it make the packaging process more efficient by saving you time, it also makes things easier on your hands and arms and applies the desired strap tension every time. This saves a lot of stress and strain, as well as potential workplace injury. Your employees will appreciate the ease of use, and you’ll appreciate the quicker response time to new orders.


The Different Types of Plastic Strapping Tools

Depending on your needs, we have both manual and automatic options. The manual strapping tool is ideal for smaller inventory businesses who package a select few boxes in any given day. The automatic plastic strapping tool is a better choice for high volume businesses who spend a lot of time each day on packing and shipping. We also have combination tools that can tension seal and cut plastic straps to make your process more efficient.


Don’t Forget Accessories for Your Tools!

Of course, a plastic strapping tool is going to need some plastic strapping! We’ve got you covered with a full range of types and sizes. These help to ensure your boxes are sealed tight and will maintain their shape throughout the shipping process. This helps you avoid returns and refunds due to damaged merchandise when it arrives on your customer’s doorstep. We also have a variety of packing tapes, custom stretch films, shipping labels, and more! We are your one stop shop for all your packaging needs, both inside and outside the box.


Place Your Order Today!

No matter what you’re looking for, FastPak Systems can help you out. Take a look at our inventory online. If you don’t see what you need, have some questions, or wish to place an order, get in contact with us! You can call us at 770-423-0795, send an email to info@fastpaksystems.com, or fill out our contact form. We can answer your questions and help you find exactly the materials and equipment you need for a successful packaging process this holiday season and all year long!