This year’s record-breaking increase in online shopping has created additional challenges for businesses and their supply chains. Although shipping materials are still available, items such as boxes are needed to ship essential products for medical, pharmaceutical, and hygiene industries. To support essential businesses during COVID-19, there are other shipping solutions to consider. Shipping mailers are readily available and a highly versatile alternative to boxes. With the holidays nearing, now is the time to look at how shipping mailers can protect your products, save money, and streamline your packing and shipping operation.

When is a shipping mailer the better choice?

If your products don’t require the rigid structure and cushioning provided by a box filled with air pillows, it might be a good time to consider a shipping mailer that offers excellent protection gained from bubble liners or paper padding. Often, the right shipping mailer can perform just as well as other shipping materials and there are some tangible benefits such as:

1. Shipping mailers are a cost-effective alternative to boxes

Shipping mailers are a more cost-effective solution to boxes because they are less expensive to buy and to ship to your warehouse. That’s because delivery services like FedEx and UPS charge by either actual weight or dimensional weight – whichever is greater.

2. Mailers save space and streamline your packing and shipping operations

With their self-sealing adhesive closures, shipping mailers can also help streamline the packing process. Because self-adhesive mailers don’t require additional materials to assemble, employees can quickly secure your products, making your packaging and shipping procedures faster and easier.

3. Reducing packing and shipping by even a few seconds or a few cents adds up

With the holiday’s approaching, every improvement in cost can add up to significant savings.

  • Shipping mailers could reduce the packaging process by 30 seconds, so a company sending out 5,000 packages per day could save around 41 labor hours each day. That means they can sell more products or reallocate staff to more profitable tasks.
  • For example, a company could reduce shipping costs by two or more cents per package, when using a mailer. This could save the company $100 every day they’re open for business and shipping products to customers.

Now is a great time to shift your packaging and shipping solutions to use shipping mailers to help reduce costs, save time, and ultimately provide you with a better long-term packaging solution.

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