The holidays are fast approaching. And this year, we’re looking at what could be the biggest online gift-buying season ever. Using the right type of shipping mailers for your products can help control your shipping costs, make better use of your warehouse storage space, and deliver a great brand experience to your customers.

At Fastpak, we’ve helped many clients increase efficiencies and reduce costs by helping them choose the right shipping mailer for their product needs. The first step in deciding if mailers are a good choice for your business is to look at their benefits and capabilities.

Paper vs. Plastic Mailers

Shipping mailers are divided into two basic categories: paper and plastic. Both can be purchased with or without bubble wrap liners.

Kraft mailers are made with a lightweight and extremely durable, puncture-resistant paper, which can help you avoid higher shipping costs due to an overall decrease in package weight.

Ideal for shipping oddly shaped items, poly mailers are made from water-resistant, tear-proof plastic and provide an added level of protection from the weather. They’re extremely lightweight, and they take up a lot less storage space in your warehouse providing you with extra room to house more of your inventory.

Choosing the right bubble liner for your mailer

The bubbles in bubble lined mailers come in in a variety sizes to ensure the right amount of protection for your products. Books may just need a small-sized bubble to protect its corners. For more sensitive products, like electronics or semi-fragile items, a larger sized bubble will perform better.

Delivering a custom branded experience

Your shipping mailer provides a built-in opportunity to deliver a branded experience to your customers with every order. Mailers come in a variety of standard colors, textures, and metallic finishes that can be used to enhance the brand experience. There are also a vast number of ways to increase brand awareness through custom printing directly onto the mailer. Custom branded mailers create a more exciting and memorable experience for your customers, making them an economical choice for building brand awareness.

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