Labels are one of those packing supplies that you might not think matters that much. If so, we encourage you to look at things from your customer’s perspective. A low-quality label tells them that your company cannot afford a label that does not rip or is not large enough to fit every line of their name and address information. It is one of the first impressions your customer has of your company, coming before he or she even opens the package to determine the quality of the product inside. It has to be just right.

How to Choose the Right Shipping Labels for Your Business

For the ultimate impact to your customer, we recommend ordering customized labels that include the name of your company, its logo, and its website address. You can also consider ordering them in a color that people wouldn’t expect, to catch their eye even more. Beyond that, size of the label is one of the most important things for you to consider.

If the label is too small, you may not be able to fit your company logo or other personalized information. You also run the risk of not having enough space to fit the customer’s full address and having the United States Postal Service (USPS) or a delivery service return the package. On the other hand, a label with too much room draws the package recipient’s eyes to the empty white space.

You may need to order several sizes of address labels to match the different sized packages that your company sends. We recommend going for a uniform look with all packages. The most important thing you can do to ensure that you receive the sizes you need is to measure the sizes of packages that your company sends out the most frequently.

One simple trick for getting the size of your shipping labels right is to place a piece of paper where you would like the shipping label to go. You can then use that piece of paper to shape and cut the ideal dimensions of shipping labels for packages of different sizes.

Order Shipping Labels on Large Spools for the Greatest Cost Efficiency

FastPak is pleased to offer our customers several options in how they order their shipping labels. We sell them in a variety of quantities on large spools rather than on single sheets for the sake of efficiency and convenience. The larger quantity of labels you order on a single spool, the less you will pay for each individual label. We apply quantity discounts to each of our other products as well.

Storing Your Shipping Labels When Not in Use

To ensure that the adhesive on your shipping labels remain strong and that the labels themselves do not warp, it is essential to store them in a room with a consistently neutral temperature. Exposure to humid or freezing conditions is the leading reasons that the adhesive seal of a shipping label may not stick. We also recommend that you avoid exposing the shipping labels to light and dampness and keep them on their original spool until you need to use them.

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