To maintain the highest level of efficiency in your facility, you need to have the right supplies and tools. For most applications, poly strapping is the right choice. However, you need to have the right poly strapping tool to go along with it. Here’s what you need to know about buying a poly strapping tool.



When it comes to shopping for a poly strapping tool, you have many choices. Here at Fastpak, we carry all the top brands including Delta, Fromm, Orgapack, Signode, and more. The selection can feel overwhelming but if you ask yourself a few questions, you can help narrow down the choices.

  • What size poly strap is being used? Whether small, medium, or large, you’ll need the right size tool to match.
  • What type of load are you strapping? Boxes, steel pipe, wood pallets, and more will all have their various needs.
  • What is the load weight and dimensions? The higher the weight, the stronger strapping you’ll need.
  • What are the load’s characteristics? Does it have any sharp edges? If so, you’ll want strapping that doesn’t break easily.
  • How many loads are you strapping each day? This will help determine if you want a manual, battery-powered, or pneumatic strapping tool.
  • How many straps are being applied to each load? This will also be useful in determining your poly strapping tool power requirements.
  • What is the environment like where you are strapping? Is it moist or dry? Warm or cool?
  • What temperatures will the load be exposed to? Extreme temperatures will have differing needs for strapping.

Answering these questions should help you decide which poly strapping tool is the best for you.


Break Strength

You want to make sure that the strapping will be strong enough to manage your load. To determine your package’s break strength, multiply the load’s weight by 1.5, and divide that by the number of straps you will use to estimate the required tensile strength.

For example, if the maximum weight of the load is 1100 pounds and you will be using three straps to secure it, your strap capacity is 550 pounds. Therefore, you would want to search for a poly strapping tool that can manage up to 600 pounds of break load strength.


Tension Requirements

A polyester strap will have the break strength specified in either pounds or kilograms. (kg). A polyester strap that is 15.5 mm by 0.76 mm thick might have a break strength of 600 kg. The constant is 0.4 so you multiply the 600 kg by 0.4 to get 240 kg as your tension requirement.


Get Advice from the Experts

If you’ve gone through the above questions but still aren’t sure which poly strapping tool to choose, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of professionals at Fastpak. We have decades of experience providing packaging solutions for applications of all kinds. You can contact us online at any time for expert advice on your packaging needs.

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