Several brands make metal banders, also known as metal banding tools or metal strapping tools to secure your loads and packages. However, whether the workload demands economy tools for occasional use or industrial-grade tools that can withstand hard use for a long time, you want the right brand and the most effective tool. This ensures your product arrives as promised, saving refunds, damaged goods, and disappointed customers. Fastpak Systems is proud to carry several brands of metal banding tools.

Fromm Metal Banders

Since starting business in 1947, Fromm has become an industry-leader manufacturer around the world. The Swiss company is a family-run business that values “continuity, independence, far-sighted planning, and principles of quality without compromise.” With 40 subsidiaries across six continents, they work through specialized sales partners to ensure customers receive professional advice, quick service, and fast maintenance.

The packaging industry is not known as being environmentally friendly. Fromm aims to change that by implementing eco-friendly initiatives in their facilities and creating products that have little, less, or no effect on the environment.

Fastpak sells Fromm pneumatic tensioners, combinations, sealers, and sealless combination tools.

MIP Metal Banders

Headquartered in Glenview, Illinois, Midwest Industrial Packaging (MIP) has been providing high-quality and competitively-priced packaging tools since 1987. They sell their products worldwide through distributors, such as Fastpak Systems, and strapping manufacturers. Staying focused on their customers is how they were able to build a portfolio of premium-quality packaging tools. When you need a metal banding tool that can work as hard as you do, check out their selection of tensioners, sealers, cutters, and combination tools at Fastpak.

Fastpak sells MIP’s sealers, tensioners, and sealless combination metal banding tools in a variety of configurations for any application.

Signode Metal Banders

You might be surprised to hear that MIP is one of the brands under the Signode umbrella. Their wide range of supply chain products and services has been transforming the packing and shipping industry since 1916. Their goal is to help protect, secure, simplify, and streamline your supply chain process. With an eye on changing demands, Signode continually improves and designs products and tools that their customers need. Several industries are supported by Signode including pharmaceuticals, construction, food and beverage, printing and mail, and many more.

Fastpak sells Signode’s manual sealers and tensioners to help you pack, bundle, and unitize your goods for warehouse storage or transportation.

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Our decades of experience in packaging and shipping have educated us on the best brands for every step of the process. Fromm, MIP, Signode, and other brands we sell such as ORGAPACK, consistently impress us with their high-quality, long-lasting, and cost-effective products. From metal banders to sealers, cutters, and many other items, these three always come out on top.

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