Pallet wrap, also known as stretch film or stretch wrap, is a key packaging material used in various industries for securing and protecting goods in storage and during transit. Let’s explore what pallet wrap is, its composition, how it safeguards items in transit, its versatility for both manual and machine application, and best practices for maximizing its efficiency.

What is Pallet Stretch Wrap?

Pallet wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film. It’s designed to tightly bind and secure items to prevent shifting, damage, and contamination of goods during transportation and storage. Pallet wrap has become essential in many industries such as manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and retail.

What is Pallet Wrap Made Of?

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) is the most common substance used for pallet wrap. LLDPE offers superb stretchability, tear resistance, and puncture resistance, making it ideal for securing goods of different types and weights.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is sometimes used to make pallet wrap. While it is less stretchable than LLDPE, PVC has exceptional clarity and durability, which is great for when the visibility of wrapped items is necessary. If you are looking for a plastic film that will show the contents under it, PVC film is the best choice.

How Does Pallet Wrapping Protect Items in Transit?

Goods that will be stored or shipped are hand-wrapped with a dispenser or placed onto a pallet where the pallet wrap is woven around it to create a snug protective plastic cocoon. Hand wrap is a popular choice for small businesses. Larger businesses can purchase a pallet wrapping machine, where the wrapping is done by automation.

Load Stability: The high stretchability of commercial plastic film allows it to conform tightly to the shape of an entire load. This prevents items from shifting or falling during transportation.

Dust and Moisture Protection: The pallet wrapper acts as a shield from dust, dirt, moisture, and sunlight which can cause damage or contamination.

Damage Prevention: Damage caused by friction, scratches, or minor impacts is also prevented.

Security: The pallet film acts as a tamper-evident seal. There will be a clear sign if a pallet has been tampered with during transit.

Is Hand Wrapping as Durable as a Pallet Wrapping Machine?

Yes, and it’s a versatile option for businesses of all sizes. The manual application uses a pallet wrapping dispenser or someone wrapping the film by hand around the palletized load. To maximize the durability and efficiency of hand stretch wrap, count on the advice of a dependable and trustworthy stretch film supplier. You can also use the below guidelines.

Stretching Technique: Properly stretch the film while wrapping to ensure maximum load stability. The elasticity of pallet wrap allows it to securely hold the load in place.

Number of Wraps: The number of wraps required depends on the weight and dimensions of the load. Heavier loads may require more layers of film for added security.

Overlap: Overlap each layer slightly (around 50%) to ensure uniform distribution of tension and better load stability.

How is Pallet Wrap Used with a Machine?

For larger-scale operations and increased efficiency, consistency, and speed, businesses often use pallet wrap machines, also known as stretch wrappers or (stretch) wrapping machines. Below is how a machine pallet wraps a load of product.

  1. The palletized load is placed on the machine’s turntable or conveyor.
  2. A roll of pallet wrap is loaded onto the stretch wrap machine and the end of the film is attached to the pallet to be wrapped.
  3. Operators can adjust parameters such as the number of wraps, tension levels, and film carriage speed to customize the wrapping process.
  4. Film is wrapped evenly and tightly around the load. Some machines have a pre-stretch feature that elongates the film before application, maximizing its usage and cost-efficiency.
  5. The film is cut and secures the end in place, ensuring a neat and professional finish.

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Pallet wrap is a versatile and essential packaging material used across various industries to protect goods during transit and storage. Whether applied manually or with a pallet wrapper machine, this packaging plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of products and minimizing the risk of damage.

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