Are you looking for secure and durable strapping for your materials around pallets for effective transportation? Well, good news – a strapping tool, also known as a banding tool, does just that. A strapping/banding tool tightens and seals either plastic or steel straps around your packages, enabling you to transport loads quickly and securely. Whatever your level of automation or application requirements various strapping tools are available from very basic to fully operator-less versions.

Discover more on why you need a strapping/banding tool below.


What is a Strapping Tool?

Banding tools help make strapping and banding material on pallets, boxes, and bundling loads faster, safer, and more efficient. You can use them with all the commercially available strapping materials such as steel, polyester, polypropylene, and more.

Plus, your chosen strapping/banding tool secures items to protect them during shipment or helps to keep them organized and secure during storage.

How do you use them? Banding tools, also known as strapping tools, are used when applying strapping to tension, seal, and cutting strapping from the supply coil.

Many tools and supplies are available; you just need to figure out which one works best for your warehouse or facility.

Fastpak offers our customers one of the widest array of strapping/banding equipment available in the industry. We offer a complete range of tools for steel and plastic strapping. Don’t worry – we’ll break that information down a tad more below.

Keep in mind that when it comes to matching the tool with what you need it for, it depends on your budget, application volume, environment, load configuration, safety, etc.

Consider the factors below when browsing for your banding tool.


Types of Strapping/Banding Tools

Pneumatic Strapping Tool

Here are some characteristics to consider when selecting the pneumatic strapping tool:

  • Great for a heavy load. If the load you are strapping is a few thousand pounds, you’ll need steel straps for ultimate safety and security measures. To apply steel straps quickly, a pneumatic strapping tool for steel straps is the best option for this scenario.
  • They won’t melt. Steel straps are used for temperatures higher than an average load, so they won’t melt. Steel strapping can be applied to still hot steel products.
  • Not the most cost-effective option. While this banding tool is an excellent option, you do need to consider the cost. Steel straps are often more costly than other materials for strapping purposes.


Plastic Strapping

Next on the list to consider is a plastic strapping tool.

  • Definitely more cost-effective. A plastic strap is an excellent option for keeping costs at bay for business owners. As you probably guessed, this strapping method requires a plastic strapping tool that is easy to use and holds fantastic results.
  • Ideal for a wide range of shipments. If you ship smaller loads, a plastic strapping tool will suit your needs. It can best be used in small operations and is easily managed by one person strapping one box at a time, or it can be automated to very high levels.


Poly Strapping Tool

The poly banding tool comes in a few different shapes or sizes.

  • Manual or Semi-Automatic. You may prefer the cost-effectiveness of a manual or semi-automatic plastic strapping tool for lower volume applications. It’s quick and easy to learn whether you have years of experience or are a first-timer.
  • Battery Powered or Pneumatic. A battery-powered or pneumatic poly strapping tool is budget-friendly and is the best choice for higher volume environments and larger, heavier loads. Each has its pros, and we’ll be glad to help make the proper selection.


Benefits of Using the Right Strapping Tool

Circumstances while shipping materials can be unpredictable; it’s vital to choose the right strapping tool and strapping material for your load.

You can find out more information on our Strapping Tools page, but here’s a helpful highlight for you. Here are some conditions to think about.

  • Weight of the load
  • Application method (machine or worker method)
  • Shape of each load
  • Transportation method (flatbed semi or enclosed)
  • Weather conditions
  • Length of shipping duration

If the load is heavy and transported a long distance, the strap should be made of steel and applied with a pneumatic banding tool. Loads that are small and enclosed can be secured with plastic straps used with plastic strapping tools.

The type of load and the object that is being shipped matter. By thinking through the process from start to finish, you can secure the object with the best tool and suitable material.


Get the Best Strapping Tool from Fastpak

Finding the right strapping tool for you can be easy with a bit of research and a bit more help from one of our experts at Fastpak. Many benefits of choosing Fastpak Systems for your packaging needs include the reliability of products, cost-effectiveness, and the large inventory that includes everything your system requires.

We’ll help you find the right products for your facility while also providing repair for the banders and strappers that we carry.

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