Many companies are trying to become more sustainable in how they produce, package, and ship items across the globe. Recycling is a major part of those sustainability missions, which is highly relevant when it comes to packaging goods for shipping. Using envelope mailers for small packages has been popular for quite some time, but the materials these envelopes are made from are not always easy for the consumer to recycle. One company has come to the rescue.


EverTec™ Curbside Recyclable Mailers

Fastpak supplies a wide range of “green” packaging supplies. The newest addition to their lineup is the EverTec™ Curbside Recyclable Mailers. These envelope mailers are durable enough to handle the shipping process, but are also able to be recycled by consumers with their other paper products and cardboard.

Cost-effective and lightweight, the padded inside keeps your goods safe from damage while shipping. It can easily replace small boxes which need to be wrapped manually. The mailers take up less space than a box, which makes them easier to ship and more efficient to pack.


Top 7 Benefits of EverTec™ Curbside Recyclable Mailers

  1. Protects Goods – Durable outer paper is reinforced with padded inner walls. The bottom and sides have a strong heat seal. Packages are cushioned for high-impact resistance.
  2. Perfect Size – Mailers come in five sizes to accommodate a wide range of items. No more wasted space on shipping trucks!
  3. Replaces Boxes – Save 50% of your time and money, while increasing efficiency by avoiding manual box building, filling, and sealing.
  4. Customer Approved – The easy-open strip and your custom logo on eco-friendly materials will satisfy customers and the planet.
  5. Highly Durable – Anything can (and will!) happen during shipping but these recyclable mailers are highly resistant to punctures and are flexible enough to protect what’s inside.
  6. Recyclable – Unlike other mailers and packaging, these follow standard recycling guidelines for paper and cardboard, so they can be tossed into household recycling bins for municipal curbside pick-up.
  7. Eco-friendly – Fewer damaged items means less landfill waste, and using recyclable packaging starts a sustainable cycle for green mailing all across the world.

Strength and Durability Put to the Test

The EverTec™ Curbside Recyclable Mailers had to withstand a variety of tests before being approved by the major carriers.

Water Leak and Moisture Tests showed no evidence of liquid or moisture coming from outside elements (such as rain and snow) to the inside of the package, or from inside the package (if you’re mailing liquids) to the outside. This gives them just as much water protection as corrugated boxes.

Drop, Vibration, and Field Tests demonstrated that the mailers are highly durable at protecting products through the entire delivery process. There was no damage found on the outside of the mailer, or to the products inside the padded envelope.

Volume and Capacity Tests proved that the mailers could accommodate just as much product as a 500 cubic inch box. Products inside were damage-free, creating a reliable and cost-efficient packaging alternative.


Find EverTec™ Curbside Recyclable Mailers at Fastpak Systems

These curbside recyclable mailers are new to the market and we expect them to be a popular packaging solution, especially with the upcoming holiday season. Contact us online today to place your order and be ready to start going green this year!