Manufacturers and distributors are always seeking ways to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Battery-powered strapping tools, also known as banding or bander tools, are one piece of equipment that can significantly improve efficiency in packaging and shipping. Banding tools are becoming increasingly popular in manufacturing and distribution due to their many advantages.

Read on to explore why Fastpak Systems’ battery-powered banding tools are the effective solution for efficient and consistent packaging in manufacturing and distribution.

What are Battery-Powered Strapping Tools?

Battery-powered strapping tools are handheld devices that use battery power to tension, seal, and cut either steel or plastic strapping material. These tools are designed to replace manual strapping methods that can be time-consuming and require significant physical effort from the operator.

Fastpak Systems offers a variety of manual, semi-automatic, and automatic strapping tools that are battery-powered including:

  • Fromm P328 Battery-Operated Plastic Strapping Tool: A combination tool designed for high-volume strapping applications
  • Fromm P329 Battery-Operated Plastic Strapping Tool: A combination tool designed for use with heavy-duty polyester and polypropylene straps
  • Fromm P331 Battery-Operated Plastic Strapping Tool: A combination tool designed for use with light-duty and medium-duty strapping applications
  • Fromm P326 Battery-Operated Plastic Strapping Tool: A manual tensioner designed for light-duty and medium-duty strapping applications
  • Fromm P329S Battery-Operated Sealless Plastic Strapping Tool: A combination tool that does not require metal seals to secure the straps
  • Fromm P380 Battery-Operated Steel Strapping Tool: Designed for use with heavy-duty steel straps
  • Fromm P331S Battery-Operated Sealless Plastic Strapping Tool: A combination tool that does not require metal seals to secure the strap and is designed for light-duty and medium-duty strapping applications

These tools are all high-quality and reliable to help businesses improve their efficiency and streamline their packaging and shipping operations.

Battery-Powered Strapping Tools are the Perfect Solution for Efficient Packaging

Increased Efficiency

Battery-operated tools can perform the strapping process in a fraction of the time it takes manually. This is especially useful for manufacturers and distributors that need to process large volumes of packages in a short amount of time. Battery-powered strapping tools can significantly reduce the time it takes to strap each package, allowing operators to focus on other tasks.

Consistency and Reliability

With manual strapping, the tension applied to the strapping material can vary depending on the operator’s strength and technique. This can result in inconsistent strap tension, leading to packages becoming loose during shipping. Battery-operated strapping tools, on the other hand, apply consistent tension to the strapping material every time, ensuring that packages are securely strapped and ready for shipping.


You can use these tools to strap a wide range of package sizes and shapes, making them suitable for various industries. You can use them to strap everything from small, lightweight packages to large, heavy-duty items. This versatility makes them an ideal solution for manufacturers and distributors that package and ship a wide range of products.

Improved Operator Safety

Manual strapping can be physically demanding and potentially hazardous for operators, especially when it involves heavy packages. Battery-operated strapping tools eliminate the need for operators to apply excessive physical effort, reducing the risk of strain or injury. Additionally, battery-powered strapping tools typically have safety features, such as a safety switch that prevents accidental operation and a blade guard that protects the operators.

Long-Term Cost Savings

While these tools may require a higher upfront investment than manual strapping methods, they can save manufacturers and distributors money in the long run. Battery-powered strapping tools require less maintenance than manual strapping methods and have a longer lifespan. Plus, save money by reducing re-packaging or damaged shipments.

Get Quality Tools from Fastpak Systems

Battery-powered strapping tools are the ultimate solution for efficient packaging in manufacturing and distribution. They offer many benefits, including increased efficiency, consistency, versatility, operator safety, and long-term cost savings.

With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, manufacturers and distributors must be able to package and ship products quickly and efficiently. Battery-powered strapping tools are valuable assets in achieving this goal. They should be considered by any manufacturing or distribution business that needs to streamline its packaging and shipping operations.

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