Optimize your business operations and increase your overall profits by simply introducing the use of a bander tool in your packaging processes.

The key to increased profits in any business usually lies in reducing operating and material costs, thus enhancing efficiency within your business. As a business owner, your operations require a lot of packing and shipping.

Continue reading below to learn more about how a bander tool can increase your business operations and profits.


Bander Tool: Quick Overview

The right bander tool increases the rate items are packed, reduces wastage of packing materials, and ensures that materials shipped are bundled together correctly so they will not get damaged in transit.

Also known as a strapping kit or banding machine, the bander tool wraps items with plastic, paper, or even steel strips. The plastic, paper, or steel strapping usually holds items together, making them easier to handle, transport and store.

There are different types of strapping materials available in the market, meaning there are various banding machines. Now, how do you determine which is best for you? You need to consider:

  • Type of strapping the tool can wrap
  • Width and thickness of strapping it can handle
  • How it is powered/operated

With the specialists at Fastpak, you’ll find pneumatic bander tools, manual bander tools, battery-powered bander tools, and electric bander tools.

You can use a bander tool in your business for:

  • Bundling individual items together for easier handling and shipping
  • Securing a unit of items such as plywood sheets together
  • Reinforcing crates, wooden boxes, and other containers
  • Securing coils of paper, textiles, or other materials together


Benefits of Using Bander Tools in Your Packaging Processes

Many benefits come from utilizing the right banding tool for your business regarding packaging and shipping goods. Let’s get into it below.

  1. Reduced Labor Costs

A business that relies on human labor for packaging is bound to incur a ton of labor costs, exceptionally if many items are packaged daily. Your bander tool automates most of the packaging process, reducing the need for many employees on your factory floor.

  1. Increased Energy Efficiency

A bander tool eliminates heat sealing, which will reduce monthly power costs in your business.

3. Reduced Waste of Packing Materials

Sometimes, your employees can’t accurately estimate the size of strapping needed to wrap materials together correctly. This leads to wasting packing materials, especially if trying to band containers of varying sizes.

On the other hand, with an automatic or manual bander tool, you can accurately calibrate or estimate the exact dimensions of strapping you need, which leads to reduced wastage of packaging materials.

  1. Efficient Business Operations

When bander tools are used, your employees will bundle items faster across your packaging line. This translates to higher efficiency for your business operations. Further, as a business owner, you can assign employees who previously worked in the packaging line to other divisions within your business – delegate, divide and conquer!

Lastly, it’s also worth pointing out that the automation brought about by bander tools usually reduces the risk of workplace accidents occurring.


Get Your Bander Tool from Fastpak

There are many benefits to using a bander tool and one of our experts at Fastpak can help you find the right one. Many benefits of choosing Fastpak Systems for your packaging needs include the reliability of products, cost-effectiveness, and the large inventory that includes everything your system requires.

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