Custom corrugated boxes differ slightly from standard cardboard boxes. A cardboard box is one that’s made with a single layer of paper pulp, like a cereal box. A corrugated box will have three layers. The outside layers will be flat, though thicker than a cereal box, and the inside layer will be rippled, like an accordion. This makes them a strong choice for your product packaging.


Package Safety

When you take the time to design custom corrugated boxes, you get double the benefits. First, you can make sure they perfectly fit the goods you will be shipping. Second, using corrugated boxes gives them an extra sturdiness.

They can be made with either one or two layers of the rippled paper pulp in the middle. This gives them the required strength to endure the shipping process from your warehouse to your customer’s front door step.

But just because they’re extra strong doesn’t mean they’re also heavy. Corrugated boxes are both lightweight and strong thanks to the air pockets that exist between the corrugated layers. This makes them easy to manage for anyone.


Brand Recognition

Everyone knows when they see an Amazon, Chewy, or Ulta box at their front door. The size and shape of the boxes, as well as the printed logos and the tape and strapping they use, help them to stand out. You can make your packages just as identifiable by customizing your boxes with your business colors, logo, slogan, and more. When neighbors pass by, it’s like a free billboard for your business!



Custom corrugated boxes are sturdy enough to withstand all the tossing around they’ll go through during the shipping process. The worst thing for your business is when your products arrive damaged and your customer calls to complain, you have to file a refund, and then send them a new one. Plus, they’ll be skeptical now, after this mishap, and might not even want to do business with you at all. By using strong corrugated boxes, you can avoid the hassle, extra costs, and negative reviews.


Eco-Friendly Packaging Material

Corrugated cardboard is not only made from recyclable materials, it is also recyclable itself! And even if your customers don’t choose to recycle in their homes, corrugated cardboard will still decompose if simply thrown away with the regular trash.

Frequently, customers can even use your boxes as storage bins, to wrap gifts, as part of their children’s school projects, or to send care packages to their loved ones. You don’t have to feel guilty about your business’s carbon footprint!


Your Custom Corrugated Boxes Partner

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