There are many keys to running a successful business. A big one is efficiency. The faster you can serve your customers, the more customers you can serve, and the more money you can make. When it comes to shipping products, an efficient packaging process means you can ship items more quickly, which pleases customers and encourages them to leave good reviews online.


Who Needs a Battery Powered Strapping Tool?

One way to speed up the packaging process is to use a battery powered strapping tool. This tool combines tensioning, sealing, and cutting so it relieves a lot of the stress and strain that can come from using manual strapping tools. It is ideal for environments where you are processing a lot of items on a daily basis and you want to do so quickly. Not only do manual strapping tools take longer to complete a package, they also can cause overuse injury to your employees if they are required to package many loads in a given day.


What About the Battery?

A battery powered strapping tool comes with a removable battery, much like yard tools such as hedge trimmers and leaf blowers. These batteries can be removed and placed on the rapid charging station so they are ready to use in less than an hour. A full charge will last all day and the entire battery will last for at least one year. When it comes time to replace, just give FastPak Systems a call and we can provide the right battery for your strapping tool.


How Does It Work for My Business?

Plastic and steel strapping are both alternatives for a battery powered strapping tool. Whether your packages are large, heavy, or both, you’ll improve efficiency by adding this tool to your packaging process. Your employees will appreciate the ease of use and increased efficiency, especially during the busy holiday season. Your customers will notice the quick shipping time and professional packaging job that keeps their products safe during the shipping process.


Why Shop with FastPak Systems

FastPak Systems has everything you need to accomplish a reliable and efficient packaging and shipping process, no matter what you’re shipping! Based near Atlanta, Georgia, we provide a wide range of packaging materials and tools to businesses across the country. From online bookstores, to furniture warehouses, we can provide you with bubble wrap, tape, strapping, and yes, battery powered strapping tools. You’ll love our family-owned business for the selection of products, ease of ordering, and friendly customer service.


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