When it comes to safely and securely packaging your products for shipping, you have a lot of choices. Everything from film wrap, to many types of void filler, to custom tapes can be used to ensure your package arrives intact on your customer’s doorstep. Another material you might be interested in using is strapping, which goes around the outside of the box to ensure it all stays together and protects what’s inside.


Strapping Material Choices

When it comes to choosing strapping, you have a few different choices. The one that’s right for you will depend on what you’re shipping. You may even need to have a few different types on hand if you send a variety of different packages.


Polypropylene Strapping

Plastic strapping is the lightest weight material to choose from. It is ideal for packages with low weights as it was designed for light-duty unitizing, palletizing, and bundling operations. The embossing provides efficient seal joints and additional split resistance. You can use manual, automatic, and semi-automatic strapping machines with polypropylene strapping.


Poly Strapping

Poly strapping is more heavy duty than polypropylene and can even replace steel strapping in some applications. The biggest benefit to using poly strapping over steel is that it is lower cost per foot, so you save money on material cost. Your employees will appreciate its lighter weight. You can also use manual, automatic, and semi-automatic strapping machines with poly strapping.


Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is the preferred material for very heavy loads since it has the highest range of break strengths. It is more frequently seen for unitizing, high compression loads, securing heavy steel coils, and open top railcar and trailer loading.


Improve Efficiency with Poly Strapping

If all the choices have you feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. Give FastPak a call. We can discuss the application and recommend strapping based on our broad experience. Keep in mind that labor costs tend to be higher than the price of the strapping. When you purchase poly strapping, you reduce labor costs since you have a more efficient packaging process. And a more efficient process means you can package more loads in the same amount of time and get your products to their customers more quickly. This makes your employees happy for having less strain, and it makes your customers happy for having their items sooner. It’s a win-win for all.


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