Horizontal wrappers are useful for many applications involving long products and are among the many cost-efficient packaging machines available at FastPak Systems. Use them for bundling and suspension packaging for many types of products based on your needs.

Choose from Many Top-Quality Horizontal Wrappers

FastPak Systems only offers the most dependable horizontal wrapping machines available from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Our Aetna horizontal wrappers are ideal for small ring applications, while Orion wrappers are used for large ring applications. Our equipment is available with ring openings between 12″ to 98″ to provide efficient operations for products of various shapes and sizes.

Horizontal Wrapper Capabilities

You can use our horizontal wrapping machines for many different types of materials and products. We offer different types of films that are compatible with our equipment to meet your needs, including custom films in various configurations such as sheeting, top sheets, pallet covers, pallet shrink bags, stretch hood bags, and custom printing. Our machines can work with nearly any type of film you need for successful packaging, with the ability to customize equipment to suit your specific application. You won’t need to worry about one of our horizontal wrappers being unable to package your products, regardless of the size and shape of the product. We’ll help you find the perfect wrapping machine.

Benefits of FastPak Systems Horizontal Wrapping Machines

Regardless of the application, FastPak Systems horizontal wrappers can give you consistently top-quality results. You’ll be able to package products of many size and shape specifications, giving you everything you need to enhance a new or existing production line. You can use them in combination with the other packaging equipment available at FastPak Systems to maintain optimum efficiency for nearly any type of packaging system.

Using one or more of these horizontal wrappers in your production lines can result in lower labor costs while meeting high production demands. We’re ready to improve your production line with some of the best machinery available anywhere.

Get the Most Dependable Packaging Equipment from FastPak Systems

FastPak Systems can provide customers with the best packaging solutions because of our high-quality inventory. Each piece of equipment we offer is made using the best materials and technology in the industry, which can help guarantee consistently great results. We have everything you need to make your production line operate at peak performance, with minimal risk of breakdown and inefficiency. Along with horizontal wrappers, FastPak Systems also offers stretch wrappers, special application machines, tape machines, skin and bagging machinery, and shrink machines for many different applications. You’ll see a huge difference in your packaging line’s productivity with the implementation of our packaging machines.

We’re ready to help you get the best results from your packaging operations, with top-of-the-line machinery and packaging products. If you would like to place an order for horizontal wrappers or any of the other equipment or products we offer, contact us today. We have everything you need to make sure you get the most from your packaging systems.


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