Corrugated cartons come in all shapes and sizes to suit whatever it is that they intend to carry. From produce, to paper goods, and electronics, cartons can be customized to securely hold anything you sell. A well thought out packaging tool “kit” is the best way to maintain efficiency in the packaging process and keeping your staff and your shipments safe. Here are three tools you may need depending on the demands of the operation.


Carton Erector

A carton erector will deliver a high volume of ready-to-pack cartons, and it’ll save your employees backs, wrists, and arms as well.

An automatic carton erector takes the cartons from their flat, folded state to a box that’s ready to be filled. This machine can be loaded with a stack of empty cartons, and dispense ready-to-pack boxes one at a time. The bottom flaps will be folded in and sealed before being supplied as needed into the hands of a staff member.

Once assembled, they are ready for void filler and your products.


Carton Sealer

After filling the cartons they need to be closed and sealed. A staff member can load the full carton onto the conveyor belt of the carton sealer. The belt will pull the box through the case sealer where all four flaps are closed and sealed.

Carton sealers can be semi-automatic, requiring a little help from your staff, or fully automatic where they work entirely on their own.  Various versions of carton sealers accommodate uniform or random box sizes and from operator assisted to fully operator-less requirements.


Carton Stapler

For heavier duty cartons, you may need some extra reinforcement to keep heavy boxes closed. This is when a carton stapler may meet the need.

Carton staplers come in both manual and automatic styles. The manual ones work similar to a stapler you would see in an office. You simply load the staples into the stapler, then press down on the handle to insert the staple into the carton. The difference is they apply heavy duty staples in corrugated thicknesses that even include triple wall boxes.

An automatic carton stapler takes all the manual attention out of the equation. A staff member or conveyor loads the carton onto the machine. The machine conveys the box through and inserts staples at designated pattern. Once complete, the staff member pulls the carton off the machine and takes it to its next destination for shipping.


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