There are many ways to strap your goods together before shipping them out. Whether you use steel strapping or plastic strapping, the choice of manual powered tools, battery powered tools, or pneumatic strapping tools is going to depend on what product you are strapping,  and how many straps per hour or per day you are applying. Here are a few applications where it’s the most efficient to use a pneumatic strapping tool.

Heavy Loads

If you are strapping a load that is over 5,000 pounds, you’ll normally want to use a steel strap. Steel straps are more durable and can handle more weight than plastic straps. This means that it can withstand the repeated stresses encountered in the shipping process. Steel strapping used on the right application reduces your exposure to damaged, undeliverable goods. Not to mention the importance of maintaining customer satisfaction.

The most labor efficient way to apply steel straps to your loads is by using a pneumatic strapping tool. This device is strong enough to apply the steel at uniform optimum tension that is most effective for the product.

High Temperature Loads

If your load is headed to a warm destination, or perhaps is strapped hot like some metal packaging, you want to choose steel strapping. The steel will not melt or lose strength in the high heat the way a plastic strap could. As mentioned above, a broken strap can ruin your load and cost you big bucks to replace. A pneumatic strapping tool can be set to apply exactly the same tension to every strap producing a more uniform package.

Odd Shaped Loads

Not every load you ship out is going to be a perfect square or rectangle. Because of this, it can be difficult to strap loads tightly when you have odd angles jutting out everywhere. The variety of steel strapping tools available ensures that random shaped cargo stays contained throughout the shipping process.  You may also save time while strapping odd shaped loads by using a pneumatic strapping tool. More automated tools help you reduce labor costs because they are faster and more efficient than many of the basic strapping tools on the market.

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