Straps are an extremely effective way to close crates or large boxes, and some people also use them to hold together multiple boxes on a pallet. To speed up the strapping process and make it more convenient, strapping machines can help.

Benefits of Strapping Dispensers

Strapping dispensers keep all your straps organized for easy storage. These dispensers or carts look similar to the carts that you can use to store hoses in your yard. They have a round section that holds your roll of strap. They are on wheels so that they can easily be moved around your warehouse or shipping-and-receiving department, but they may also have brakes so you don’t have to worry about them sliding around while in use. Finally, many strapping dispensers feature a small tray for a strapping tool or any additional accessories that you may use while strapping up your shipments.


How to Use Strapping Machines

Although the exact instructions may vary based on the type of strapping machine you select, the general process tends to be relatively similar. Start by drawing some of your strapping from your strapping machines or carts. Then, position the strap around the box you want to strap. The strap should run under the box, and the two ends should be visible on the top of the box. Cut the end of the strap that is still attached to the strapping machines.

At this point, you need to run the strapping through the tensioner. Usually, this is a s handheld tool that you can get in a strapping kit or that you buy separately from your strapping machine. Place both sides of the straps in the tensioner. Then, use the tensioner to pull the straps taut.

Use your sealer tool to place a seal on the straps to hold them together. Usually, the seals are small pieces of rectangular metal. The straps run through these seals, and when the seals are crimped together, that holds the straps in place. Finally, press the tensioner lever on your tensioner to cut the extra bit of strapping. Now, your straps are secure, and your shipment is ready to go.


Benefits of Strapping Machines

Strapping machines can help to speed up workflows in your warehouse or shipping department. The strapping machines help to keep your straps and other supplies more organized. Additionally, when you invest in products that are designed for cut your straps or crimp your seals, you reduce the risk of injuries associated with trying to use scissors on your straps.

Strapping machines, carts, and other accessories also help you to seal your boxes or other shipments more securely. That reduces the chance of your boxes opening in transit and the contents spilling out.


You are busy. Your business relies on getting products and shipments to your customers as quickly, professionally, and securely as possible. Strapping machines, strapping tools, and similar supplies can be a big part of that process. To learn more, contact us directly. At FastPak, we have everything you need for shipping products.