Businesses require staples and nails for a variety of reasons. Staples, for example, are useful when constructing a pallet or assembling boxes. When purchasing industrial-grade staples, it is a good idea to know the intended purpose for them. This will ensure that the staples you choose are strong enough for the application without damaging it. Using a staple gun or another automated process reduces the amount of manual labor associated with a large stapling project and helps to keep workers safer as well.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Staples for Your Business

As a leading packaging supplier, FastPak contracts with several of the largest manufacturers of industrial staples for your convenience. We recommend that you know the complete physical dimensions of the industrial staple in addition to its application. Keep in mind that you will not be able to change some types of wire among different applications and tools.

If you are not certain of which tools will fit the industrial staples you purchase, just ask and we can assist you. We work with a wide range of brands so you’ll always be able to find what you need. Should you need to purchase a new staple gun, we advise you to consider the following to ensure you get the correct item:

  • How easy or challenging it is to use the staple gun
  • Price and manufacture warranties
  • Staple compatibility and capacity
  • Weight
  • Whether you require a battery-powered staple gun or can work with one that you need to plug in

Factors to Consider When Selecting Industrial Nails

Since industrial nails have potentially hundreds of applications, it is essential that you know how you intend to use the nails as well as the length and width that you need to complete the job correctly. Box nails are the most common type among packing supplies that customers of FastPak purchase. Some of the most important factors to evaluate when choosing box nails include the following:

  • Gauge
  • Head diameter
  • Head length
  • Package weight
  • Size
  • Total length

Doing a bit of homework to determine these factors prior to placing your order will take time, but it is worth the effort to keep your customers happy. The last thing you want is to ship a large box with a heavy item inside and then receive a customer service complaint that the item arrived damaged due to the box ripping. This can happen when you use industrial nails to seal the box or shipping container that are not strong enough to support it.

A Packaging Supplier You Can Trust to Meet All Your Needs

Staples, nails, and the equipment needed to use them are just some packing supplies we offer at FastPak. We invite you to view our complete product lines to find what you need to keep inventory rolling out of your business. We also offer a free assessment of your current shipping process to ensure that it is as efficient as possible. Please contact FastPak with additional questions or to place an order.