When you do a lot of shipping, you need a variety of boxes and shipping containers to meet your needs. Reddi-Crate can provide the durability, flexibility, and attractiveness that you need. Ideal for long items, Reddi-Crate packaging can be used in other situations as well. Here are some of the essentials you need to know about this product.


What Is Reddi-Crate Packaging?

Reddi-Crate packaging is paperboard packaging that has been laminated for extra strength and resistance from the elements. The brand’s name stems from the fact that Reddi-Crate is ready to replace wooden crates. You get the benefits of a wooden crate without any of the drawbacks. You get a strong and durable “crate” that is lightweight and easy to maneuver like a cardboard box.


What Are the Benefits of Reddi-Crate?

Reddi-Crate is lightweight. That reduces shipping costs and makes this packaging easier to store in your warehouse or shipping-and-receiving room. Additionally, the packaging looks sleek and attractive. When your customers receive shipments in these boxes, they are instantly impressed with the look and quality of the packaging, but the joy doesn’t stop there. Since this packaging is durable, it protects your products, reducing the chance of anything breaking in transit and boosting end customer satisfaction.

Reddi-Crate also offers the following advantages:

  • Non-abrasive to products
  • Moisture resistant
  • Corrosion resistance due to a special coating
  • White or other finishes
  • Wood or white for end plugs
  • Variety of leg heights available
  • Different base widths available
  • Different calipers or thickness levels for your convenience
  • Lengths up to 50 feet or more
  • Performed for fast set-up
  • Nesting design for easy storage
  • Recyclable
  • Customizable


Customizing Reddi-Crate

You can customize Reddi-Crate packaging. Add your company name or logo. Then, when customers receive your products they know exactly where it’s from, and if people reuse your boxes or see them during shipping, you get extra brand recognition at those times as well. Customized shipping solutions also make your company look more professional. Whether you ship out half a dozen boxes annually or millions of shipments a year, your customers will get the impression that you are a strong company with a legitimate branding presence.


Using Reddi-Crate

Reddi-Crate boxes tend to be long and rectangular in shape. They are ideal for shipping a wide variety of long products including fishing poles, gutters, posters, skis, flat-pack furniture, hockey sticks, shovels and similar lawn care supplies, deck railings, balusters, collectible swords, and a vast range of other items. The box is already assembled so you put in your product. Then, you add the lid or end plug to hold everything together. Often, people use zip ties or plastic strapping to close these boxes, and that may be better than tape or adhesives.


If you need packaging solutions, look through the rest of our online catalog to see our other products. We stock everything from machinery to cushioning to boxes to make your job easier. If you have questions about Reddi-Crate or any other products, contact us directly. At FastPak, we work hard to bring you the supplies you need for your business.